Saturday, May 17, 2008

Writing this so my ribcage does not burst and shower my room with raw flesh and tiny pieces of bones!

I am fighting you every minute. You have taken pocession of my head and I want you out.You have found those cracks in my brain that no one ever sees. Those cracks that I fill with poems, short stories and eccentric musings...or so i believe. I have never known about the existence of those cracks until you came and filled them with your presence. Now I see those cracks for what they are, a bloody disadvantage in my already crazy world. You once told me I was mad, imagine how I would be without those cracks of mine? What would I fill, now that you have filled them with your presence? I wish I knew what to do, but I dare not say anything to you, lest you take your presence away...and I will be lonely....I will sit with the cracks in my head and fill them once again with poems, short stories and eccentric musings....and that will be so remove the only presence that has ever resembled love.

Kindly, do not ask me what this means...I have no idea.


Uzezi said...

sit with the cracks

Waffarian said... im i dey do oh hehehehehhehe

Patrice said...

I will send you a tube of brain crack concealer. Good conductivity and will not inhibit electrical activity. Available in infinite shades of grey for optimum colour matching. Includes putty knife for easy application and brain atlas with instructions in plain English.

Sisto said...

stop formin...u're liking one bobo all o

Free-flowing Florida said...

where it came from, don't matter. i think it's a beautiful piece. very poetic, although u wrote it as though it's a prose.