Friday, May 30, 2008

My words are nothing

I found it today, the book
the one that you had written at the back,"lovely"
and so I thought of all things lovely
and went to visit you on facebook
I wanted to know that you were okay
and all things bad were at bay
yes, you were alright I guess
joining groups and playing games, maybe chess
I sighed at your page, full of comments and such
none of them from me, guess I am too hurt for such
so with a deep sigh, I left your page
cos I write you all the time, yesterday almost a page
but my words are nothing to you, if they are not on facebook.


Anonymous said...

For the first time, I'm going to comment on your page.. whoohoo..

Who is this dastardly fiend that you're writing about? Tell me who and I'll send the goons out. (Nice piece of poetry, by the way.)

Sorry for not stopping by your blog as much as I should be.. just been manic down my end, and then some.

Waffarian said...

@aworan: really! Its been forever! how are you doing?

the "dastardly fiend" (by the way I just saw one of Jane Austen's novel flash before me..."dastardly") is a combination of different friends...those that never reply for one reason or the other and those that spend time on facebook doing on thing or the other....

Ms. Catwalq said...


that is the new naija jazz

Anonymous said...

love the ending of the piece, nice work and sounds like something from deep down.

naijaleta said...

Seriously Waffarian, are you in support of facebooking. I think what you and I are doing, blogging is mich more intellectualy stimulating than 'poking' people and making more money for a 23-year old American boy. That's my opinion, I may be wrong

Allied said...

Just maybe i will join facebook to see what the ruckus is all about...

Naw... then i might have to eat my words..

Naapali said...

Waffy; I think you and FB are in a relationship and methinks it is a dysfunctional one. So how about a trial separation?

Drama said...

stop being dramatic.......