Monday, July 21, 2008

The damn intensity!

Yeah...I am one of those people...the "intense" kind...I guess my biggest flaw in my character. My friends and family know it as "being Waffy", they know me. I never have to apologise for sudden hugs, sudden laughter, sudden affection...I can phone a friend in the middle of the night and say how much I love the person...or the opposite. I send christmas cards to friends I have not seen in six years, I remember little moments and cry, I get happy meal cos I wanna get the toys for my little friends...I send post cards just cos I like the way they look. I buy gifts for people that I want myself, I read too many books, my eyes are always aching....I think and worry about my family and friends...I wish I could tell them how much they mean to me all the time...

Yeah, I am "intense" punish me for that. Punish me because I overwhelm you with my emotions and love...punish me because I dare to be me. Now you want me to be in reality? Heheheheh, yeah, I can do that, how are you? how do you do?

Yeah, I can live in the real world, be cool, calm, collected. I can do that...its the easiest thing to do baby, so easy. Living in the real world is the simplest thing. Just look around you...we can all be the same, wear the same clothes, listen to the same music, have the same ideas, yeah...thats right, I can do this.

But I am not gonna cos your world sucks!
and yeah, fuck you too.

and while I am in the real world, this will be my summer song...

but this is how I feel

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Naapali said...

Thanks for expanding my music horizons.