Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am a BITCH!

meredith brooks - bitch

I am not perfect and I never pretend to be. Like every human being that has gone through life, I carry my own “life baggage”. I know how to say “please,” “thank you” and “excuse me” but I also know how to say “go to hell” and “fuck off”. I can listen to people patiently but I can also argue until I get the last word. I enjoy doing things for people but sometimes I can be the laziest person on planet earth and just sit around, reading books all day, doing absolutely nothing.

We are all human beings. There is nobody on earth who has the perfect character. We are full of contradictions and you can never tell how we might react in any situation. That is why I find it amusing that any man would think he has the “perfect woman”. A woman that is docile, calm, supportive, never argues, just there to please you, forever and ever.

Many men believe there is such a woman. They go around expecting to find her and sooner or later they will. Not because such a woman exists, but because women know that is what you want and we shall give it to you. We shall be submissive to your will, after all, isn’t it as simple as that?

It is much harder to be yourself and show a man all the many shades and colours that you come with. It is scary for a man to see you just the way you are, with all your faults glaring in the sun light because you know he will see them and run away. You are not perfect; you are not the woman he wants. He will tell you, you pushed him away with your many questions and answers. He will tell you, you are troublesome, he needs peace when he comes home and someone to pat his shoulders.

Everybody is looking for that Angel. I hear she exists, somewhere in the fantasies of men, ready to serve them and make their wishes come true.

I cannot make wishes come true. I am not the best human being on earth but I do give it my very best shot. I have so many faults that even I, cannot count them sometimes. I am an ordinary woman just trying to live her life.

I’d rather be called a bitch any day than an Angel, cos an Angel, I am not and will never be…


The Activist said...

You might not be perfect nut you are not a BITCH. Who is perfect anyway.
The men that are looking for angels are they one? Are they flawless?

My lady, be yourself. Let who can love you for you be your friend and get rid of those that cant!

The Bookaholic said...

The sooner we begin to see ourselves as we are, the more human we will be! True, we have flaws and should accept them to get better. A lesson for our politicians!

Ms. Catwalq said...

The funny thing is that men are looking for their mugu angel and women are looking for their dashing prince...then they turn around and say she is too mumu and she turns around and says he is dashing around....

btw: ur comment on my blog. not your fault. msssstssssthw!

Lost at The End said...

I agree with you bo. Who wants to be an angel? There's time for that: when you go to heaven.

Nigerian Drama Queen said...

Your realness is refreshing.

Adaeze said...

Couldn't agree more. No one is perfect. Any woman or man that searches for that perfect person will fail. Great post!

Anonymous said...

Hehehehehee.... Oh lawd! too good, good one good one. Can see we're still on dis issue, huh? Lol.
"the all cute-sy, christian, humble, wrapper tying, obedient, ever cookin house-wife".... bla bla bla.. watever dude, tell him to wake up she's totally BORING!