Saturday, January 30, 2010

3 years and still blogging! Whozah!

My blog, is three years old today. It is funny, that the only reason I feel like mentioning it is because I remember quite clearly, when Jeremy of Naijablog wrote about his blog when it turned three. I had just started blogging then, the year was 2007. I remember thinking, "3 years! Ol boy, this guy dey try oh".

I was surprised that anybody would actually be blogging for so here I am, three years later, and I am still blogging. I started blogging for the sole reason that my head felt like it was gonna explode. I always seemed to have too many things to say. I had no idea what "blogging" was. It just seemed like a cool idea, write whatever you want on the Internet. Who cares?

Do I have anything profound to say, you may ask? Nope. Not a damn thing.

Highs: I have made many good friends blogging...its crazy when I think about it. Some of my friends I have met and had good times with. Others I am yet to meet, but I know there will be good times ahead.

Lows:1) Strangers getting upset about the opinions of other strangers. 2)Deceit: Goddamn, 419 dey reach dis side too oh. 3)Paranoa: Anonymity always creates a certain level of paranoa...

My attitude though, through the highs and the lows, has always remained the same: who cares?

Oh, I forgot one high: Being nominated for "most confusing blog"...didn't jaja win that one? hahahahahahahahaha

Ah! My darlings, thank you all for coming to this space of mine. Some call it confusing, others call it depressing and some just call it "the waffarian". Thank you all for leaving comments, playing my you tube videos, writing me mails, chatting with me, sometimes even calling me up. Your participation in my life is deeply appreciated. I wish you all nothing but love, peace and harmony.

Blog on!!!!!!!!!


Akin said...

Hello Waffarian,

Congratulations! Indeed there are so many things that can be said about your blog - interesting, engaging, instructive and indeed sometimes quite confusing.

But then that the structure of the mind, I think :)

3 years is just half the time I have been blogging, so wishing you the best for many more fruitful years.


Temitayo said...

Yes o, blog anniversaire :)

Loomnie said...


musco said...


... rmbr getting angry at a no of comments once bt laugh over all comments nw.

KA said...

Congratulations. Wishing many many more blogging anniversaries.

SHE said...

Is there going to be an e-celebration?

You know, you don't really have to say anything "profound" to make an impact, or to achieve your aim.

Congratulations. Nice blog.

BBB said...

congrats crazy girl

Patrice said...

Wow! Congratulations. So many blogs have come and gone (and come again and gone again) during that time, but yours is still standing.


Ms. Catwalq said...

At least you still dey here...most people don kpai don comot...happy blogiversary...

so what next?

T said...

Congrats Waffy!