Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So! Even though I am a bit tired, I have decided to go to the book meeting with Sapphire. Of course, you all know about the book, "Push" which is now a movie, "Precious" and has made the rounds in film festivals, etc. Anyway, the book is creatively written, especially if you know the way the mind works, and words, and reading and teaching, and the minds of teenagers, kids, etc. I love the story as well, but most of all, it was the way she told the story that made me love the book. I remember reading the book and smiling, thinking, "ah! she has a great mind...yeah, this is creative...umhmmm, yeah, yeah, well done" Most of the time, I was more into the way the story was unfolding than the story itself. Anyway, I don't think I have any questions...but they usually come up when I am there, so we'll see. Also, it will be interesting to know more about her. I think she is pretty exciting anyway!

Update: Well, I knew she would be intelligent but I did not know she would be funny as well! I am glad I went. I did not get to ask my question, but it really did not matter because she really got into the discussions and she had so much energy! She has a strong presence as well, for such a tiny person. You should have heard her read the first page of the book! What a performance! Well, she is a poet and used to performing, so I guess less could not be expected. I bumped into a friend of mine as well there...all in all, it was an interesting and worthwhile experience.


SHE said...

I've seen the film; but the way you speak of the book, I think I'll find it more interesting. Yes?

joicee said...

You got to see her?Oh wow...good for you.....I really hope I can see the movie or better still read the book!

Waffarian said...

@she: I haven't seen the movie but I think the book is brilliant! But she also said they weren't allowed to put some of the stuff that was in the book cos then they would have had to change the movie to "x rated". I really do not think there is anyway they can ever really show many of the complex issues that the book raised. However, I will see the movie just for fun though.

@joicee: Yeah, I got to see her. She was as exciting as I thought she would be. Very spontanous as well. You should read the book. It is special.