Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year!

I love new beginings! We can all now just breathe a sign of relief and start all over! That's the miracle of time. You keep getting second chances for no apparent reason. Just because...

Round up of last year: I am super woman. I really have no idea how I pulled it all off. New jobs, new apartment, new everything. There is not much progress in my living conditions, I have to be honest. Believe it or not, my apartment is still as it was when I moved in. I have done absolutely nothing at all to make the place better. I never have the time. is a brand new year and this year, I shall be better at planning and paying my bills...and taking vitamin C.

Writing: Feeling better about it, yeah, I know. I have a strange relationship with writing...sometimes I feel really good about it and sometimes I just can't write exactly what I want. I read books and think "but thats exactly what I wanted to say!" only somebody else found a way to write it better. It is a constant battle, I think. To be able to write the way you want. It takes a lot of time and practice... keep going through stuff over and over in your mind and hope the right sentence comes out.

Reading: Oh wow! So many good books I read last year but the one that left the most impression on my mind would have to be "the brief wondrous life of oscar wao" by Junot Diaz. Its really a good book. Interesting and full of so many details. Creatively though, I'd have to give it to Herta Muller's "The land of the green plums"...great, great, writing. Poetic and lovely. How can a translated book still be so good? Normally, things are often lost in translation, but this not this one. If anybody has not read these books...then, you have to.

Friends: Where dem dey? Just kidding! I have a couple of friends I keep in touch with but none that live where I live. So its mostly chatting, mail and phone calls. Even though it would be nice to have friends here as well, I am kinda used to it.

Job: I enjoy my job. It gives me a very warm feeling, and I don't feel useless on planet earth.

Melancholy moments: Not so bad actually. I think I will always have such moments in my life but I doubt if they will overshadow my happy moments. I have come to terms with that fact.I doubt if there is anything that can be done about it short of going on prozac!

Health: I need to get back to the gym! All this eating in the night is really not good for me....but now its 8:00 pm and I feel like eating an omelette!

Hobbies: I need to find other hobbies apart from "reading and writing". I mean, "reading and writing" means I am basically boring. I just sit at home doing one or the other. I should be more fun! Perhaps I should take up painting? But I can't paint. I think I 'll try bowling. I tried it during the hols but I totally sucked...I could improve...yeah, bowling seems like a good idea...

Men: They exist, I am told.

I wish you all a very good year. May we all have lots of love, beauty, harmony and peace in our lives this year.


Myne Whitman said...

Men do exist oo, LOL. 2009 was not too bad then. Still wish you an even greater 2010, all the best in your writing, I may chack out those books you mentioned.

BBB said...

i wish u d same
men: they exist am told
cracked me up lmao

SHE said...

LOL @ your comment on men. They do exist.
In various forms... bus drivers, plumbers, electricians... the likes...


you are too funny. @ men exist comment.

Happy new year! I'm glad your job is purposeful. Take it easy!!!!

kiibaati said...

Happy New Year.

Ibou said...

Happy New Year!