Thursday, January 21, 2010

Its all quiet...

I can't sleep
Rocks turn to oceans and oceans to rocks
Life, twisted, meaningless
one thing today
another tomorrow
So much to do
and I never do
Take each day at a time
they all say that
but they are not here in my dreams
when rocks and oceans become one
its all quiet when they do that
soon I wont be able to differentiate them anymore
I will run into the ocean and straight into ugly, grey
there will be blood, lots of blood
then they will say again, take each day at a time
but i bleed in my dreams i will say
and you are never there
because when they become one, the rocks and the oceans
its all quiet.

Note: do not ask me what this means, I have no clue. It is 5:45 am.


BBB said...

maybe u should pray

AlooFar said...

ok, we won't ask. but nice.

SHE said...

A nightmare, perhaps?
I hope not.