Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Goodbye, how are you?

Just watched an amazing documentary with that title by a Serbian documentary film maker named Boris Mitic. I had seen a clip of "Pretty dyana" by the same guy some time ago, and I remember thinking, "you should write his name down" but ofcourse, I forgot.

Anyway, "good bye how are you?" is described as "a satirical documentary fairytale" but its so much more than that. Its absolutely poetic, dreamy and beautiful. Why do other people always get to do what I want to do? Anyway, if you are interested in documentaries, then you should see this one. Don't miss it. You can see clips and pictures here and his other films are there as well.

Absolutely made my day. Hope you are all good, and life is treating you all well. I think I am okay. A bit dreamy these days but thats okay. I rode my bicycle today for the fourth time this year. I left it at the station. Need to pump tyres. I was reading "extremely loud and incredibly close" by Jonathan Safran Foer, which is a great, great book. I read it half way, and now I can't find it. I almost went nuts. I think I must have left it on the bus or train. I have checked everywhere, absolutely everywhere. It has just disappeared. I am not sure if I should buy it again...I am waiting another three days to see if by some miracle, it would appear...

So now I have to read some girly book which I bought as back up to that book...I just can't imagine where it can be...

On another note, went into a bookshop to ask if they sell the posters I saw by their windows...well, they don't. They just give them away when they are done with them, who knew? So thats my new thing. I am gonna leave my name and phone number all over town...hehehehehehehehehe!


how are you?
Imagine then
how I must feel…

Already at a young age
I went through so much
that I’ve been bored
ever since.

And now…
I am ready to die
for what I believe in,
but thank God, I don’t believe
in anything anymore…

(thats from the movie...its great!)

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