Friday, April 30, 2010


I am sick...again. I was at a birthday party for my neighbour's kid and he was ill, so I think I got the flu from him. I woke up this morning with a blocked nose and a heavy heart...sigh...

The thought of going to the pharmacy is not appealing. I live in the forest. But my nose is seriously blocked. A friend of mine suggested i put "vicks" in hot water and cover my head with towel and inhale...I do not have Vicks...I have "agboniki"...I don't know anybody that has lived or lives in Warri that does not use "agboniki" is the remedy for every ache and pain just like vaseline is the remedy for anything skin/hair related. I always have vaseline. You can use it when you run out of cream. Body or hair. And it is good as a lubricant too, for those that have sex. Ah! Men! They fascinate me with their pettiness, in one instance, they are all macho and ego and in the next instance, they become scared little boys flinging petty insults much I despise men and people in general who resort to petty insults the moment things do not go their way, can not be over emphasized. That's such a weakness in character. I can not imagine that people do not know that.

How much I despise people who keep silent when they see others being bullied can not be over emphasized. If I hate men who fling petty insults about, then I hate cowards, hypocrites and bullies even more. May God never allow me to cross paths with such human beings. Amin. I pray for strength of character for such losers. Amin.

I have fever. Excuse my discontinous topics...although that whole rant was cos of a convo I had recently with one of the weakest men I have ever met. May God never let me cross his path again. Amin.

I have been thinking that I am afraid of heights. You know those ones that are across two mountains and then there is some man made the stuff they would have in Nepal...I hate it. I will never ever get on one. Never. In fact, I will be greatly insulted if anybody ever assumes I could get on one.

I bought some fresh pepper and then left it at a friend's house. I am so disappointed. I wanted to make some hot pepper soup.

My heart is heavy.

I need to clean. I need to eat something. Today is friday. I am going to sleep.


Anengiyefa said...

Absolutely adore Cesaria Evora and morna music. She's playing at the Barbican in London next week. Listening to her this evening lightened my mood. Hope it had the same effect on you too...

If its flu, just rest as much as you can, drink as much as you can, yes and make that pepper soup if you can. And it'll soon pass. Please get better soon..

Anonymous said...

Get someone to pick up your peppersoup stuff from where you left it. It works well for flu and sniffles in general.

Funny, I just made some goat meat and smoked chicken pepppersoup yesterday which I will continue to eat and think of you getting better.

Sorry cyberspace has not invented a conveyor belt to cart it over yet.

Oh...and get some sex. That helps too. Hehehehehehe.

Patrice said...

You are rambling . . . does agboniki cure that too?

Hope you are feeling better.

Dee! said...

Kpele! Yes o! Who no know aboniki for Naija? It's a 'cure ALL ointment' LOL!
Hope you are feeling much better now.