Saturday, May 29, 2010

In another space...

I am finding myself, creatively. What a shame that I have limited myself for so many years!

I am more "me" than I have ever been.

I am in a good place. Creatively and mentally.

I am happy.

P.S: I firmly beleive that if a woman is on a personal journey of finding herself or recovery, whatever it may be, having men in her life would be a great disadvantage. I advice to get rid of men during that period. (I know many can't because they have husbands already etc so you might have to make do with NOT involving him in it. Men have a tendency to enjoy telling women who they are). All the men I met while on my journey seemed to be sent for the same purpose: Destroy her, she can not get there. It is only when I purposely stayed away from those devils that things finally started rolling along. If you are serious about going on a personal journey and healing your soul, stay away from men. Avoid them like a plague. I am not saying all men are devils, but MOST are. Talking about those human beings, I have decided to stay away from them for at least another year. Lets see just how great I can be! hehehehehehe


Longsufferer said...

U me dear, r fantastic and you inspire me...take care and God bless

2cute4u said...

True talk my sister! Hve a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Like most women, men have hurt me seriously in the past. Now that I'm older and hopefully wiser, I take responsibility for the part I played in relinquishing the control of my life and becoming a lesser me to please someone's fragile ego. Human beings are both good and evil, irrespective of the, to be a better you, do you!

Myne Whitman said...

Have you read or seen the book/movie; eat pray love? I think. Wise words indeed.

Patrice said...

All the men I met while on my journey seemed to be sent for the same purpose: Destroy her, she can not get there.

Many men say the same thing about women. I know you collect quotes, so perhaps you already know this one by Alexandre Dumas:

Women inspire us to great things, and prevent us from achieving them.


Waffarian said...

@Longsufferer: Love you too! and God bless you too! a thousand times! hehehehe

@2cute4u: Hope you had a good weekend too. hugs.

@anonymous: You are right. Thanks for writing that as well. Yeah, the fact that I could give someone else so much control is quite scary to think yeah, of course I played a MAJOR role in why someone else could basically tell me who I was. Thanks again, for adding that!

@Myne: A very honest book, that one. She wrote that book with so much heart and honesty. Great book! I read it when I had already started my own journey and it encouraged me to continue, even though everything was so painful.

@ Patrice: Hahahahaha! You just could not let that slide...

From my experience, men are devils. Left to me, the world would be free of them. Let humanity die out, we are on our way there anyhow, a good push in that direction would not hurt anyone!

hahahahahahahha! hope you are good, and life is good to you. Hugs!

24yearOldTeEnAgeR said...

Not really. Most men yeah. But somehow, i believe that there are men, that may help more than hurt. And build more than destroy. Not to say they won't hurt. Not to say they won't destroy. But they'd build more.
Just as women can be a blessing to men, so men can be to women.
Its so sad that they seem extinct.
You know, the ones that build more than they destroy.