Monday, May 3, 2010

Most interesting...

Well, I am just about to shut down my computer when I see that a friend of mine, had commented on somebody's "facebook" status. He had commented something like "I can not say I am not jealous", so automatically, my brain goes, "jealous of what?", so of course, I click on the status. The status just says "Going to X" (x is the name of a city). My brain goes "Dryyyyyy". Then, anyway, since I am on this stranger's page, I just look around, for fun. Well, seems he has a website, and I am like, well, I might as well go see whats on it. Well, you can not imagine...he must be the most interesting human being I have come across!

First, lets learn a bit about this stranger. He was born in 1978. Good year. He is doing a doctorate in theology. His politcal views: Anarchist. Religious views: Agnostic. Relationship status : Engaged to "so and so".


Now, my friends, here we go.

Our stranger loves animals and does know a bit about guinea pig farming. In fact, he has written a couple of articles on the matter. Nice pictures of the pigs.

Music: Our stranger plays some strange kind of piano instrument, is a member in four bands. Two made up of just him and his friend. One, made up of him alone. I have listened to all his music on myspace. Not bad at all, Quite impressive. He says his band will play for beer, backgammon (they bring theirs if you dont have one), and you pay for transportation...except they can get there on bike.

Books: Gosh! I really thought there was no one, who read as much as I do. But this guy...well, he has a "Reading diary", which I have too, but mine is just a very tiny book and I mostly forget to write in it anyway! Well, well, do you think our stranger forgets? Nope. He reads, writes and even writes down quotations he enjoyed. And he reads all sorts as well. Incredible. I could not go through them all, so I jumped to the next interest.

Plants: He also enjoys growing plants, all kinds of scientific names...

Job: So, apart from this doctorate thesis, he works as an "archiver" you know, those people that work in the the archives. They archive know...(anybody that knows the correct English name for such a profession?)

Art: He takes pictures of street art. I also went through all the pictures. Impressive.

Body modification: Well, no pictures of these, but it says so in his facebook profile that he is interested in this as well. And I could see some tatoos on his picture on facebook.

Finally, my brain pauses, and asks "and who, for the love of God, can manage to steal some affection from this incredible busy human being?"

So I clicked of course, on the link of his girlfriend on facebook.

Quite a scary picture, I must say. She must be into "body modification" and all that stuff...

All in all, an interesting facebook adventure.


AlooFar said...

lol, na wa o!

Myne Whitman said...

That timehole, FB, at least you got someone interesting, lol..

SHE said...

Man of many dimensions or what?

2cute4u said...

He sure did hold your interest.. Make him your friend?
Need to know the chic who actually held his interest.