Monday, May 3, 2010

You belong to yesterday...

Lately, I have been thinking about you.

I wonder what you are doing? Are you thinking about me too?

When things get really bad, I often think about you. Of course, I don't have to worry, you will be right there, where you always are.

But you are not here anymore.

I almost called you yesterday.

What would I have said? That I am sick, and lonely.

What would you have said?

I did not call you though.

"Got to be hard" that's a line from a song.

"No more looking back", thats what I have to do.

I can't look back everytime I feel sad, or lonely, or sick.

You don't belong here anymore. You are no longer by my side. You can't help me anymore.

I have got to be hard.

YEP! No time for all this crap. Got to go get my eyebrows done and fix my hair. So What? Life never turns out the way we want anyway. It could be worse. I have seen worse. I know someone right now who is pregnant for the husband she hates. Now, thats a life I wouldnt want to be living. Nah. It could be worse. Enough with this sad and sick stuff. So what? Everybody gets lonely sometimes. Time to buckle up and get things done. Fuck it. Life is what it is. I can only do my best. Maybe one day I'll be free of you, but until then, got to be hard....

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