Sunday, May 8, 2011

And some hip hop...

I listen to hiphop when I have to get into my hustler mood.

So I can feel like I am hardcore, which is how I HAVE to be sometimes to get through stuff.

Especially when I am feeling extremely tired and I just want to lie down right in the middle of the street and say "whatever happens, let it happen. I ain't taking one more fucking step".

Just when I am about to make this dramatic performance on the road, I start humming some hiphop song and pretend I am some hardcore hustler...

It works, you should try it.

P.S: Today, I washed some underwear by hand cos I did not want to put it in the machine. Anyway, sun was really shining and I was thinking I should just hang it by my window...but I was not sure if the people in the opposite building would see it...after thinking for a while, I decided to just hang it. And just as I did, I heard a whole bunch of whistling and laughter! When I looked across, the window of the apartment opposite mine was open and there were a couple of guys looking at me and drinking beer. I wanted to die!!!


SHE said...


LOL! Don't mind them jare. Like we used to say when I was in secondary school, they can see, but they can't touch!

Longsufferer said...

Lol..LMAO...that is the funniest thing I have read in a while!

Adaeze said...

lol...dont mind them.
I can relate to hip hop hustler mood. I thank god for hip hop really take care!