Monday, May 30, 2011

Finally fixed my bicycle!

So I finally did it.

I walked up to my neighbour and asked him if he could help me with my bicycle. He is good at fixing I heard.

So he helped me fix it. It was not a huge problem as you can imagine. Just one of those really tiny problems that my floating mind can not really grasp.

Then I went for a long ride. Oh, the joy! It was really sunny and wonderful.

Its been a long winter for my bicycle as well. First, it was parked at a train station until december then when I moved here, I parked it outside my building. So its been out all winter. Everything looks rusty but its working fine.

Now all I have to do is get myself to start jogging again...

If only I could do that, I swear I would be happy...normally its starting things thats the problem...if I could only just start, I normally stay on to the middle part and then finishing stuff is always a problem.

So basically, I am a middle kind of person. The middle is never a problem. I am hardcore there. But try and get me to start or finish anything...

Its an issue man. I should get some therapy for that.

Which reminds me, I saw one of my old drama profs the other day just by mistake. I turned around to ask for the time, and there she was! I was so embarassed cos I was one of her shining students but do you think I ever sent her my end exam paper? ha ha ha guessed right!

Anyway, so we talked a bit and she told me she still wanted me to send it in and that I could still get my points, I was like "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?"

Which blew me away cos I never really bothered to check if I could or not. I just assumed I could not.

I explained to her about my "finishing stuff" disease and she said she had it too, so I should not worry.

And music for the soul. Love.


Patrice said...

Right, now go and finish this post, please.

The Corner Shop said...

Do you know today i was just talking about how i need to learn how to ride a bike! X_x


Anonymous said...

You sure are living your truth..... I am always drawn to your writing, wondering what's new with you and wishing I knew you better. About jogging, it is a desire of mine too, unfortunately for me, it is a dream that will never come true. Life is just too busssy!