Wednesday, December 7, 2011

5:09 am...

and awake.

I enjoy these times alone.

I enjoy spending this time in my own world, doing my own things.

When I leave my space, I also enjoy being in the outside world doing outside world stuff.

However, anytime I am here, its my little refuge from everything and everyone.

I don't have to worry about anybody else apart from myself and that's always a huge burden off my shoulders.

A friend asked me the other day how I can be so happy to be in both places. Well, the thing is, nobody ever forces me to be outside or come back inside. I do both because I want to. When I leave this place, I enjoy doing what I have to do outside and when I come back, I look forward to coming back and being by myself. Its quite simple actually.

My friend's daughter was here yesterday. I enjoyed her company but I was also looking forward to her leaving and having my space back.

I don't think I am extreme but I agreed with my friend that I don't really have any middle ground. In both places, outside and inside, I have to enjoy doing whatever it is I am doing or else it all falls to pieces.

Yeah, perhaps some people will understand it and perhaps they won't.

But who cares? Its my world and I can do whatever I want to do.


Anonymous said...

sounds so much like me right now. i doubt i could ever share the same space with anybody for more than a week max.
Am so used to living alone, a one man army so to speak.
The thought of marriage/cohabitation scares the shit out of me

2cute4u said...

It's been a while.? Hope you are good?
I love my ME time and I'm afraid it's getting to be more often these times