Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The door...

"Its not as if the door is against you" my neighbour says, bursting into laughter.

"Yes, the door is against me, it hates me"

"Its just a simple stupid thing, you are angry for other reasons, its not only the door"

"Its the door. Why me?"

The door to my building is driving me crazy. I so wished I had a gun yesterday, I would have shot the fucking electronic keypad or whatever its called to pieces! My door is one of those that uses an electronic key. I came back home last Friday and it was not working. I wanted to call my neighbor to get him to open it for me but I realized my battery had died and I did not know his number off head.

I headed down to the nearby restaurant to ask if they had a battery charger and could charge my phone. Luckily for me, one of the guys had exactly the same kind of phone. I got my battery charged whilst I drank cider. Afterwards, my neighbour opened the door for me.

The whole weekend, it was the same thing. Normally, I could have also used my phone to open it but of course my phone was not registered or something so that was hopeless. Care taker's office is not opened at weekends so I had to suck it up and wait for Monday, that is, yesterday.

The guys at the office after a while give me a new key. They can't figure out why the old one does not work, everything looks fine and should work. Anyway, they give me a new one cos I insist its not working.

I get home yesterday, do you think it worked?

So there I stood, waiting outside in the cold about to ring my neighbour when I see someone about to enter the building followed some meters behind by two black guys. I realize immediately that the guys are Nigerians cos they were speaking pidgin English.

Anyway, so the first guy opens the door and so as not to let the door close behind him, I quickly hold it open so it does not jam. Now while I am holding the door with one hand and my bag with the other, these two guys, (maybe they thought it was my job to stand there and open doors for people????) just stroll past me, with me there, like an idiot opening the door for them. It was like I was totally invisible.

I was so pissed!!! I wanted to shout, "are you fucking kidding me????"

Anyway, so four of us are waiting for the elevator and suddenly I feel like I don't want to be in the same place with such rude people, so I took the stairs instead.

By the way, same thing happened while I was waiting for the bus. I was the first at the bus stop, waiting patiently. When the bus arrived, all of a sudden, some guys that had come after me, just maneuvered their way in front and got in before me whilst I was standing open mouthed by the side.

I realize its cold and everybody wants to get into the warmth but come on, some fucking decency!

Then I get home and that useless door.

I really feel like that door hates me. Everybody else's keys works, why not mine? Its very annoying.


Patrice said...

Maybe you're picking up signals that disable the key . . . are you sure you're not WiFi, Waffy?

Vox said...

some days are like that