Monday, December 19, 2011

Just another monday...

I slept like a log yesterday. All week I had been looking forward to sleeping.So many things on my mind and Christmas is not one of them. I avoid places that are near shopping malls although you can't miss the frantic shoppers on the trains and buses. Bags all around them, taking up all the space.

My friend bought all her gifts online. I thought it was a fantastic idea! Why go through all that browsing in shops with no destination? Madness.

Love life: I have stopped taking calls from potential lovers because I always have better things to do and it is hard to explain to them that my "better things" often involves reading books, writing or watching movies. They are just so uninspiring if you get my drift. They bore me. I have no lust for romance.

Well, I am boring myself these days so I really should not complain about others.

Have a good week and don't shop too much. Send cards instead, that's what I do.

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