Thursday, August 21, 2008

For friends that we never appreciate enough.

I am a lucky girl
even in the most dire of times
I manage always to find a friend
even when my company is no good
you manage always to stay with me
even when sometimes all I can do is cry
you manage always to make me laugh
with my snivelling nose, you say you admire me
with my bleeding heart, you think I am brave
even when I have nothing good to say about the world
you manage somehow, to bring out the good in me
so now that you are long gone to bed and I sit and think of you
you with your dry jokes and funny humour
you that ask me if I'll be okay when you are gone
you that tell me I'll be okay a million times when clearly I am not
I think of you and all I can do is ask my self
"how did I get so lucky?"


Anonymous said...



naijalines said...

That was lovely, sista.
I will focus on this and sleep with a smile on my face knowing I'm loved too.

PS: Why does today feel like Friday?

ShonaVixen said...

aww your friends are blessed and lucky!!Always great to appreciate the angels in our lives!!

Buttercup said...

awwww nice tribute..

Nigerican said...

awww... i love that. U should let me steal it and send it to my bff sef :), but i know that village girl will not appreciate anything deemed mushy... so i'll just enjoy it myself. Thanks for this loving "thank u poem".

Anonymous said...

I think everyone should have a friend like that.