Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Human nature

Mabel was sitting on the bed, her legs spread out and her laptop in the middle. She drank straight from the vodka bottle and said the words her room mate needed to hear "you are a damn fool".

"I don't understand human nature...I really don't" mumbled Sandra, the room mate who was the "damn fool".

"I mean...is it really possible to switch your feelings off and on like that? I mean...how is that possible?"

"I'll tell you" replied Mabel, who was talking without looking up from her laptop..."I 'll tell you, so you can stop fooling yourself in this world. It is simple: People do not mean what they say or say what they mean. You my dear, are living in a world that doesn't exist"

"But...how the hell can you love somebody...then just stop...just like that...I mean...how is that possible?"

"Pure human nature my dear...human beings are the vilest of creatures on planet earth"

Mabel was now staring at herself in front of the mirror, doing an erotic dance of sorts.

"How do you do it Mabel?...Live like this? Without any man? any relationship?"

"My darling, the penis is the most useless thing on planet earth. We give it far too much credit for going in and out of a hole only to collape uselessly like a deflated balloon...there is nothing sexy about a part of the human being whose honour is determined by a woman's pussy or...an asshole...take your pick"

"So are you a lesbian then?"

"I am just as disgusted by that part of a woman that needs the thrusting actions of a soon to be deflated balloon to feel whole"

"But...why did he say he loved me? why did he say all those things? how can he say he loves me and now I am nothing...a nobody...just like that? where did all those feelings go?"

"No where, my dear"

Mabel was back on the bed, trying to polish her toe nails with the most horrible orange colour Sandra had ever seen.

"Why do you insist on using that colour? Its really horrible....I just don't get it...I mean...just like that?"

"Why do you insist on being impossible? Okay, let me help you out, so what really happened?

"Okay...so he loves me...but somebody else loves him too...and now he loves her...just like that"

"And what is there that is so confusing? You see the problem is, you are thinking like a human being...think like an animal...you know, mating season...all the females...in your case...competing for the soon to be deflated balloon, what rule comes to mind?"

"Survival of the fittest?"

"Now you are thinking, you see my darling, you lost...again, if I may add"

"So...that woman won?"

"Yep...she played her cards right, timing, circumstance...she did all the right things....she knew the game...you, you are a fool...you were sitting here...she won"

"So I am the loser?"

"With a big L...you should learn the game, if you want to play, or you don't have to play...like me...I don't win and I don't lose"

"But do you live?"

"With animals? No. When you meet another human being, please do tell me".


Afrobabe said...

lol @ not living with animals but at the end of the day thats what we all are...animals..

ShonaVixen said...

survival of the fittest..lol..enjoyed reading this post!I guess, sometimes animalistic thinking is called for.

naijalines said...

Yes...animalistic thinking makes sense when dealing with a soon to be deflated balloon.

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

lol! very refreshing.

these dayz thinking like animals seem to be the way forward truly.

i hear this one.

Naapali said...

Haba, Mabel is sour, perhaps at times envious of Sandra. She lives her life in this closed off world where no-one can hurt her but it is a cold, cold, lonely world she lives in. Her pain and hurt speaks louder than Sandra's.

We are animals but we are not just animals. The penis is an inflatable/collapsible thing but not just an inflatable/collapsible. The vagina is a receptacle but not just a receptacle

guerreiranigeriana said...

..hmmmnnn....interesting, interesting indeed...i like the way you wrote this indeed...wow...i am in awe...you remind me that i have a quite a ways to go to being a superb writer...thanks for the inspiration nonetheless...