Friday, February 6, 2009

I guess a "waffy day" was bound to come up sooner or later!

Okay I really have to go...oops...I have got to get to the bathroom...why I am I so nervous? Lord, I am gonna miss my flight...okay, take it easy, no need to get so worked up over nothing. You are just going to get on a plane, that's all. Easy. Nothing to worry about, just take your time..SHIT! I have to go...SHIT! SHIT!!...Okay, lets move on. Laptop, "Eze goes to school bag"(why did I give my mum my brand new travelling bag? why did I volunteer?), phone, passport, extra money, uh huh, everything cool.

Okay, I can do this, one step at the time. Good. Bus is late. I can just relax, breathe in, breathe out, in, out, that's it..easy does it...FUCK! where is my Sim card? Fuck! Its on the table in the living room. I need that card. How am I supposed to live without a phone number? or should I burst it? I hate that fucking phone anyway, I have become a slave, phoning, texting, phoning...fucking crazy world. I had a such a peaceful life without that contraption...nasty piece of work...Damn! I need that card...Okay, my sister has run off to go get it...I bet you the moment she turns the corner, when I can't see her, she is gonna walk...I lazy...I just know it..and here is the bus! Perfect!

Yeah, that's right old people, just get on the bus and don't feel pity for me. Yes, I am missing it, I'll get the next one...that's life for you. Nothing to feel sorry for here. Life sucks and that's it. Yep! and there is my sister strolling down without a care in the world! Yes, yes, I missed it.

Jeez! Its cold. I am gonna miss my flight. I hate Ryan air....I am never using it in my life. I rather use a bus! is the bus. I can't feel my feet. Yeah, yeah, goodbye, I'll be fine. I'll just settle in, listen to some music, feel miserable. I am gonna miss my flight...fucking traffic. I swear I'll just go home and sleep. I won't even cry. I'll just say "So I missed it?, too bad" then I'll go home and sleep. Everybody will be shocked. They'll say "What happened?" and I'll say "That's life.So unreliable"

This is so messed up...I am gonna die...I am gonna die...yeah, where is that Ryan air woman? uh huh, check in at the what? Sorry? You must be kidding me? this fucking long line? You must be kidding! and she is so happy to say that too...nah nah nah...something is wrong here...this can't be right...What? not this line? I knew it! Shit! I hate Ryan air, I really do. Okay, calm down, calm down, lets see if we can skip this line...what? you wanna get in front of me? your plane going? Shit! I can't really afford to be kind now..but do it, yeah, yeah, stand in front of me..and the rest people can all cry if they want...its my space and I say you can have it. Yes, that's right!

Okay, good. Bag dropped let's see.....Oh dear! That's the customs thingy? I feel like going to toilet again...Jeez...Okay, we can do this...step by step...slowly, snail's pace...s-l-o-w-l-y...Oh Come on! You must be kidding. How slow can these people be? Remove belt, jacket, shoe, get laptop out....Come on!

Okay, now to find "gate"...yeah...last gate...great! I hate Ryan air...good...right on time with a minute to spare! I really have to go to toilet...

For those that do not know my "waffy days" you can see an example here


fluffycutething said...

LOL at least u made it with a minute to spare ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear waffy,
We all have one of those days. In the mist of chaos we should always remember that to ask God for his peace that passes all understanding.
I pray that the good Lord will grant you the strength to go on...may his light shine upon you. when you are weary, he will lift you up,if only you call on him. the bible say that weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in morning.I pray that your joy comes today. the plan of the devil to frustrate your efforts will be nullified in Jesus Name, you shall run and not fall, you shall walk and not be weary....
Waffy, just cast your cares upon Jesus.remember that Jesus loves you and wants to be a big part of your life.

take care remember that nothing lasts forever!!!

Patrice said...

I believe that it is in this one that we were introduced to the "Waffy day" that regular readers have come to know and love.

Waffarian said...

@ Patrice: hahahahahahaha! That was so funny to read again! Even I did not remember that one. Where have you been?