Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A small note on life...

I got a phone call today...and here it is:

"Hello? Is that Waffy?"

Why is this person calling with such a serious tone? Did somebody die? I had seen the same number more than three times on my phone now...


"I am calling from "so and so" bags. You ordered a bag from us that you should have picked up by now"

"Oh yeah, but like I said to someone that called before, I am so busy this week, but I'll pick it up today "

"But you said you'd pick it up on the 31st"

Is she fucking kidding me? She actually thinks I'll feel bad cos I did not pick up a bag? She must be joking...and why does she sound like she is about to cry?

"Yeah, but my work...sometimes we have crisis situations so thats why I couldnt come, but I am free today so I'll be there"

"Yes, but yesterday, we were near to give it away"

Why is she prolonging this conversation? Does it look like I really care about a bag?

"Yeah...I understand"

"If you don't come today, we will be forced to sell it "


"Okay then"

"Just so you know"

"Yeah, of course! Ciao!"

People really take life way too seriously. Its only a bag. She could have sold it, whatever. I would have just ordered a new one or gone to another shop. I could care less. And to actually think she thought I would feel bad in anyway...its just a bag. Whatever.

P.S: It was not some "limited edition" bag, or "designer bag" or some sort of special bag. It was an ordinary bag that they had run out of the day I was in the store and I did not feel like buying anything else that day. They INSISTED that they could get that particular bag. I really did not care so I said they could go ahead. And its not some small fancy bag store that is run by a family that depends on it to eat their daily bread. It was just a normal store that sold bags...nothing special or interesting about it. I believe somebody just wants to feel a bit powerful. The almighty decider over bags. Its like when "gatemen" think they have some power over who goes in or out their "oga's" house.


Lara said...

First time wa for the woman. how would you know she has so much customers, if she does not tell you someone else wants to buy the bag.

Longsufferer said...

I personally think she is bored and in dire need of human contact! So pls don't blame her...

kiibaati said...

Lol. Why do I find this so funny?

SHE said...

Perhaps she needed to meet some customer care related target.

Please ensure you go and pick the bag. It is awfully important!