Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Totally high on life!!!!!

I need to get something to eat...I am sooooooo hungry...hope you are all good...

Have a nice week, and remember, "The family that pounds their yam with loud noise thinks the family that pounds quietly do not eat"...

Which basically means that just because you live your life and do your own stuff quietly, does not mean you are doing less than those who make the loudest noise. People that have a need for "hype" and "self congratulatory" messages will never understand why others do not have that same need. They may choose to believe that your life is less than theirs because they have not heard you blowing your own trumpet.

That is okay.

The naija circle is mostly about "hype" and it still surprises me when people fall victim to such don't need to "prove" anything to anybody.

Be yourself. Be true. Be good.

Do your own stuff!

Now I have to eat. I am very nervous but deliriously happy! Tmrw I meet an artist who has inspired me and totally changed the way my mind sees things, creatively! I am super excited and can't wait!




"Be yourself. Be true. Be good"

Solid advice.

2cute4u said...

Right on point..