Friday, October 17, 2008


The worst feeling in life, I now understand would have to be a feeling of rejection...not only when your work is rejected but when you in turn, have to tell another person that their work is not going to be used for various reasons...

Of course I asked, "do I really have to do this?"

Unfortunately, I have to. Rather than contemplate my own inadequacy which I'd rather crawl into and die a slow and miserable death...instead, here I am trying to think of all those proverbs that come in handy at times like this. Things to do with strength, falling, rising, being brave, looking ahead, tomorrow is another day, etc etc. All that stuff that I normally reel off my head to friends and family alike.

For the love of God, why can't I think of any now?


Rita said...

Start with the strengths...break the news...then talk about the possibilities/opportunities ahead.

Sorry you have to be doing's not easy.

asko said...

my god, you must feel so dejected. Your blog appears to also have been rejected.

Jaja said...

I ll give you one babes

'your trials only make u strong, better'

How u dey? who dey reject u... ? Booker winner to be like you

Patrice said...

"Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

Please, don't use that one. Sounds so bleak. I know you will find the right words.

Reminds me of an episode of the American sitcom Cheers, in which Norm is promoted to the position of hatchetman at work. He becomes so distraught while doing his job that the employees he fires have to comfort him!

Waffarian said...

@Rita: Thanks jare, I still dey stall oh!


"Your blog appears to also have been rejected"

hehehehehhe, na wah oh, are there actually people capable of accepting or rejecting blogs? Abeg, if such Gods exist, pray, show me the way, that I might make sacrifices unto them and be accepted into the glory of Blogville!

@Jaja: Imagine oh!

@Patrice: I sure do feel like Norm at the moment. They still show episodes of Cheers of the many sitcoms that comforts insomnia!