Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thats all you can do at two in the morning...goodnight.

Another party, to remind us of what's ahead
I bought you a helmet, to protect your head
It is of no use though, since you have no head
Its hard to remember if you once had a head
My father said he once thought you had a head
I hope you are happy not having a head
I am going to stop saying head
and get you out of my head

Jeez!!!!!!!!!I am going to bed...I am the one without a head at 2 in the morning!Oh...that was supposed to be about Nigeria...for what its worth!


Naapali said...

Independence day to you also, I dropped the obligatory happy since I wonder.

naijalines said...

Pretty much says what I want to say too.

Nigeria has no head, no head, no head! (sing like Jordan's No Air). Both share no sense or reason!

bArOquE said...

...for all its worth...headless...i'm afraid but i relate totally to this poem about the could have been better, but it is not...& it is gradually becoming my fault...waffarian, happy independence day

ShonaVixen said...

lol @ Naijaline...u really dont like that song hunh?lol..
Ok me being ShonaVixen i just was like hunh?this head
nway Happy Birthday Naija, you have wonderful children who are now great friends to me here on Blogville for that i salute you!!

Red Eyes said...

happy wetin day? a very sad day

Rita said...

Happy Independence's the "head"?

maitumbi said...

For too many years we've been giving head
To leaders who lead us with an empty head
We need to exorcise, guillotine the vacant head
Till we can find, in 120 million,
At least one good head