Monday, December 8, 2008

Move for me...

I now alternate from one bed to another depending on my mood. When we were kids we each had a bed. Three beds in one room and yet it was not uncommon to find two of us sleeping in one bed in the morning. Driven to each other by nightmares, insecurity or worries.

"Move for me"

and the other person would, without asking why...

Now, we are all women, each in her own stage in life, with new insecurities, worries and new nightmares to face.

Yesterday, I stayed up late, using the light from my computer to read my book...

"You are gonna destroy your eyes" she said.

and in a flash I remembered those years...when my Dad would switch off the lights, "Time to go to bed" he would say, removing the book from my hands and gently covering my body for the third time. My mum would already be annoyed, having told me twice already to go to sleep.

"Just one more page" I would say

"Don't you want to keep anything for tomorrow? You will have nothing to read tomorrow if you read all the pages tonight"

He would close the door and when he was gone, I would crawl from underneath the covers, towards the light that emerged through the cracks...the light from the living room where I could hear my parents still talking, the noise of the TV in the background.

"You are going to destroy your eyes" the second one would say.

"Leave her, they will catch her" the third would say.

Soon enough, I would give up...the lights from the cracks were never good enough...

"Move for me", I would say

"Why don't you go to sleep?" the second one asked

"Just one more page" I said. The light from the computer screen was not good enough...

"Move for me"


Ms Sula said...

Awwww. Sisterly love is so touching.

Brings back memories of my sisters and I.

And also wanting to read that story till the last drop at night!

I used the outside street lights peaking through the curtains as reading light.

Standtall said...

This is so touching sweetheart!
Wanna invite u for an interview on mi-blog. Care to give me an email add to reach you through?

u don abandon mi-blog o

Waffarian said...


i know oh, my sister, na situation make crayfish bend...been busy fixing too many things...i don turn to life mechanic...hehehehe

ndo...i will soon be back in full force...

my email na the same email oh wey dey dis blog:

Anonymous said...

i wish i had somebody to ask to move for me.