Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The very confusing morals of Christians....

There are many discussions in blogville that I purposely stay out of simply because I know, that even in a thousand years,my opinions would not matter. Some people are just "blocked" and that is just how it is. However, in this case, I was forced to say something because of the shocking opinions (to me, they are shocking) that followed this particular post. I think we have a serious problem with Christians and their so called morals, rules and regulations. It seems everybody just picks what fits in their own life when they want it to. Every rule in the Bible can be bent and fixed whenever it suits them.

First of all, I can safely say, that there are certain crimes against humanity that I absolutely detest and on no grounds would I ever support. It is very hard to ever imagine ever turning in a loved one, husband, brother, sister, but I believe very strongly in my principles and morals. If you kill another human being, for whatever reason, it will have to be reported and hopefully, justice will take its course. I can not imagine anybody taking the life of another...except maybe if you are caught molesting a child...in that case, you should be hung...and I will kick the damn stool.

For me, there are absolutely no grey areas when it comes to what a crime is. Or what wrong and right it. Even without the Bible, many of us have been raised to know what right and wrong is, and if your parents did not teach you, then common sense will. I really do not have any problems knowing immediately if something is wrong...or right.

However, it seems it is the "Christians" who have this problem. Even though the Bible is very clear on what a "sin" is, I think many people become confused about when they are supposed to"forgive". Also, the situation becomes extra confusing when they have to take account different "vows" made under the covenant of God(or however they put it).For example, you find out your husband has just killed your house boy. He is remorseful, did not mean to do it. What does the Christian do?

A. Call the police immediately and let justice take its course, if your husband is innocent, the truth shall set him free.

B. Pray together and ask for God's guidance. Do not do anything. A miracle will surely happen, there is nothing God can not solve.

C. Since he has already asked for God's forgiveness who are you to judge him? Remember your vows, "for better and worse", this is the "worse" part now. The best you can do, is help him destroy the evidence (although one does not have to see it that way, you are merely helping him in a difficult time), just pray to God to relieve this terrible burden from your lives and stick by your man. Divorce is a sin and you have made a covenant before God.

So you see, my dear people, it is so confusing, what is one supposed to do? Take for example, the post about the man who engages in child pornography, the options are the same. You can either do A, B OR C. Of course, I thought many people would choose option A. Unfortunately, I did not take into account the other vows and covenants the Christian has to take into account. For me, it is common sense that when a crime is being committed, one must do all in his/her power to put an end to it. Especially when it is something that endangers the lives of so many children.

I was therefore extremely SHOCKED to see many people obviously confused about the rules when it comes to child pornography. If you possess pictures of naked children on your computer, it s a CRIME. Most children that are used for this disgusting crime, are trafficked children from the poorest nations in the world. They are sold to paedophiles who in turn not only abuse and molest them but make money out of them by selling nude pictures of the poor children. I do not think I need to go into the gruesome and horrific details of the kind of lives these children live. Some will never go to school, many will die and be buried like animals. Others will cry for their mothers and only get beaten or chained. The few that will survive, will be so scarred that many end up committing suicide.

In the name of the Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, who loved children, in the name of common sense,


I know that turning a loved one in, is hard. I know that. But as a CHRISTIAN, shouldn't your morals, values and principles be your guide?

Shouldn't you people be the first to rise up against injustice when you see one? Shouldn't you be the first to raise your voices and cry out loud when you can prevent such a terrible crime from taking place?

Who do you pledge legiance with, God or man?

If Jesus Christ came down today, I am 100% sure that he will tell you to save your child and not your fucking marriage.

There is something very wrong with how far we, as women are willing to go for the sake of our marriages. Even when we see such a terrible crime being committed, it saddens me that many women would rather save the "man" than the child. A grown man at that, who can make his own damn choices. Yet, we choose to abandon the innocent child that needs protection.

It is no wonder we have so many cases of child abuse in Nigeria. The women have failed us. Our mothers have failed us. Our own, have failed us.

Anybody that does not think child pornography is a crime, don't even bother leaving a comment. Go and ask your pastor and if he also does not think it is a crime, then sorry, you are both going to HELL!


Note: Of course, not ALL Christians think this way!


naijalines said...

Oh!!!! Bravo!!!!

This reminds me of my Hate Free Zone post which unfortunately I can no longer find.

You hit the nail on the head, sista. Misplaced priorities, loyalties and the most crooked morality! Preach it sista! And don't worry about being blocked either. It happens but we who choose to hear you would still do so.

Funms-the rebirth said...

ur very right.......... a crime is a crime, i dont care about any marriage vows if who i shared the vow with turned out to be a criminal........ evil must be flished out, period!

Anonymous said...

you make an excellent point.

may i refer you to the minority report(movie)? in that it shows that intent does not equate with the crime, in general. in the 'highlighted' situation however, sticking with the offender and praying with/for/about the situation does not rule out punishment. in fact, punishment is expected.

praying for guidance is not the same thing as sitting on the fire and praying for God to come blow it out. praying for guidance imo, is praying that an ingenius idea will pop into your head -even tho ure scared shitless and incapable of steady thut- so you'll figure out a way to get out of the burning house even tho your hands are tied.

sticking with the offender does not mean turning a blind eye to what he/she's done; it means being supportive of them thru their trials/rehabilitation/recovery/whatever.

again you make an excellent point, i just think you aim to contradict the 'doctrine', whereas you proved it!

yes, i will not sit here and act like there's nobody whose idea of Christianity is turning a blind eye in the name of prayer, but i do not think they define the doctrine, any more than i think every muslim is terrorist.

ps: pls show some love for the would be Christmas carolers(?) on my page :)

Waffarian said...

@geisha: You are absolutely right. That is the way I see the Bible and I am happy you pointed that out. Also, like you, I know that not ALL christians think like that.

I guess I should have made that clear in the post....maybe I should put a note or something....

Thanks for the comment. You always manage to bring some sort of balance in religious discussions.

and Christmas carols??? ohhhhh, I love christmas carols, I can sing them all day long, I have every single christmas song ever made....oooooh, will certainly be there...

naijalines said...

@ Geisha
We must protect all children from abuse at all costs. Marriage - being married to the perpetrator - does not excuse a lack of protection in such a circumstance.

A paedophile should under no circumstances be seen as a good dad or husband. That is a fact. In fact it is common sense.

Report the b*gger and protect your kids!!!

A community that protects child abusers is an evil one.

K said...

You know what confuses me is that the people who are advising the person to stay justify by saying that its not pedophilia its just pictures. how do they think these guys start? if he's looking at them on the computer what more your own children live when they bathe? am I the only one who sees the potential in danger of leaving your husband to be in this state?

Uzezi said...

very serious. priorities really need to be checked.

Ms Sula said...

Eya speak my dear!

I was so very appalled at the extent of the "forgiveness".

This sentence -->There is something very wrong with how far we, as women are willing to go for the sake of our marriages <-- summarizes my feelings.

If the sake of being married (even to an obviously disturbed person) is more important than justice to innocent children, then we need a serious wake up.

We all need our minds sorted, asap!!!

NaijaBabe said...

I havent read all of it but scrolling down, i just saw Paulo Coelho.....and I thought yay...another fan!!!! I love you for loving Coelho!!!

I've had the Zahir for weeks and I havent had time to read it...assessment and test madness is over, i shall crawl into my bed with a tub of haagen daaz and read myself to a stupor!!!

AlooFar said...

I really feel u on this.

Ms. Catwalq said...

my dear, i followed the links, read the story and had a hard time keeping down my breakfast...

This is why sexual abuse is still on the rise in our country...because we all hide behind some fucked up allegiances. If my father touches someone, you best believe I am shooting his arse. If my brother does the same, ditto. If my mother messes up like that, mennnnnn, that woman won't have limbs anymore....and these are people that can have any of my organs any day.
what the hell is hard to comprend on crime? especially one that has a sickness to it?

i need to go lie down. this shit gave me a fucking headache

anon said...

It will be a great day for mankind when we start judging people by their action and not their religious convictions.

Mr. X undoubtfully has a problem but has not committed any crime, if he is nigeria. He is in nigeria, isn't he?

I have a theory that a lot of men (and women) resort to porn to control their inner devils. Especially with his background of child abuse, porn is probably a placebo. He needs a shrink, not a pair of handcuffs.

And if I were Mrs. X, I will be firm in asking him to seek help. Or I will walk out.But in Nigeria, women don't walk out. It is Nigeria, isn't it?

Jaguda said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. waffarian. food for thought gyal

Anonymous said...

you seem so angry!!but why are you hissing and screaming at "you people"

i know you are refering to the post on SD's blog and i totally am with you on this!apart from the fact that it is a henious crime,why will i want to live with a peadophile especially when i have a child too...i will call the cops on his ass

Waffy calm down tho you sound like everyone(esp 'you people') that doesnt see your logic is effed

Waffarian said...

@anonymous: Yeah...that post upset me. It still does when I think about it.

The hissing was to show disgust.

I should have said " some Christians" or something like that instead of "you people". I shall correct that shortly.

And no, I don't think everybody has to have the same opinion as I do...thats why I have a blog so I can write what I feel without restraint. I was angry and this is how I chose to deal with my anger. Surely, I do not expect everyone to have the same opinions and principles as I do. That's a given.

Thanks for your comment.