Tuesday, October 30, 2007

06:05 and high life

I am up. Listening to high life and drinking a cup of coffee. Try it. Quite refreshing. Once again, what will my life be without music? Ahhhhhh Oliver de Coque...... make i go "baff"!

P.S: I think I will be eating egusi today....there's just something about highlife....I wonder where I can get "cowleg" in this city?


Obinwanne said...

im thie first!!!!!!!!!!!

meanwhile highlife is something i really wonder how the music came about because its so refreshing, try listening to sir victor uwaifo's joromi.....such a nice song....

Isi said...

cowleg?! highlife?!! ah!! and i think sey me and u get alot in common, but this highlife thing... i no too like the genre o.