Thursday, October 18, 2007

Conversations here and there

At the bus stop

Mother: So, it is really very hard

child : Mummy are you talking about me?

Grandma: Please child, I and your mother are discussing now.....

Mother: Anyway, so while all this is going on.....

Child: Mummy, what are you talking about?

Mother: Please, can you be quiet, I and your grand ma are having an adult conversation...

Child: Grandma, are you talking about me?

Grandma: No, please be quiet now.

Child: Mummy are you talking about me?

On the train

Girl on phone: Do you think you can come and pick me up?
Why can't you?
No, thats not true, I never ask you to pick me up....
In fact, come to think of it, why don't you?
Other boyfriends, don't they pick their girlfriends?
I don't understand why you can never help me out, after all, it is not everytime I ask you for a favour.....
Really, when last did you pick me up?

At another bus stop

Young boy: Really, I think teachers are so stupid!

Friend: Me too! their own is just to follow their fucking syllabus! they are so dumb!

Young boy: I can't stand teachers, they are so stupid sometimes!

Young boy: They never give good grades for those that try really hard, for example, i always get good grades in P.E, even though I miss classes, but because I am so fit, ofcourse I can do all the exercises we are given, but there is a guy in my class that is overweight, he is always present and tries really hard, but ofcourse he can not do all the physical activities properly because of his weight, and he never gets good grades! I think thats unfair!

At the Sauna

Teenage girl: So did you check the text? what did she say?

Other teenage girl: She was like, ehhhh "It was a tough week but i am better now"....... something like that... at least she answered my would have been embarassing other wise....i don't ...

Teenage girl: Like how?

Other teenage girl: Like, I don't know if she was just being know...if she was really being honest.....I mean....its like....Its been a week you think she can get over him so fast?, I don't know....its just somehow....

Teenage girl: The thing is like, she has bad self esteem, like self confidence...

Other teeange girl: Its like, outside, she is like, very outgoing....but inside...I mean...I think she has bad self esteem....and it it shows....

Teenage girl: And what did Sabrina say?

Other teenage girl: ehhhh, she was the one that told me they had broken up....when she told me she sounded but later when I asked her ....she was just like who cares? that sort of I don't know, but the thing is, he never really liked her I don't know....she has bad self-esteem.

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akin aworan said...

Hilarious conversational observations. It's interesting to have an idea of what people are like based on the conversations they have. :-)