Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The useless woman don resign, na so she just dey cry anyhow, I no even understand why she just dey misbehave like that, anyway, the highlight of the whole occasion na

"Then, some female members of the chamber, led by Hadija Bukar Ibrahim from Yobe State, knelt down before Etteh for about five minutes, pleading with her to thrown in the towel".

I no know wetin dey do naija people, all this kain serious embarrassment! anyway, make una enjoy the report here.



i dont know why this stupid woman chose to embarrass herself for so dman long... Hisssssssss. good riddance.

akin said...

I saw the Reuters clip where the House just went into meltdown with blows and punches because of this woman. I mean, it is ridiculous, really: Millions of USD and you use it to renovate your house and buy a fleet of 12 cars?? Even John Prescott (Former Deputy Prime minister) didn't have that luxury!

fluffycutething said...

I couldn't understand the kneeling down part too!!! Na their mama abi wetin be all that one?

The woman just made a mess of herself, i don't know why she involved herself in this kind of thing truly.

Porter deHarqourt said...

I'm glad the whole brouhaha (i've always wanted to use that is finally over. that House hasn't done anything for the Nigerian people in 2 months.

Where is our sense of decency really?