Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ogbunike and other stories ....

"Ogbunike you are a useless man oh! haba! see the way you just dipped your hands into the palm oil like that!"
"Ah ah! Papa Pius, you know yam and palm and oil is one of my favourite dishes! especially when prepared by your wife Carol"

"Ogbunike, I will tell you again, you a useless man! the next time you dip your hands into my palm oil, you will see the way, have you heard?"
"Heard what pappa Pius?"

"The Iroko tree has fallen"
"Ahhhhhhhhhh, you mean...."

"Yes, I mean it, cut at the stump, it fell sideways...heavy, like a pregnant woman"
"The iroko tree.....has finally fallen"

"Ogbunike, a word of caution... beware of where you dip your fingers...things are happening in this village....beware"
"Pappa Pius, I have heard. Your words are always sound. I shall be cautious....but we all know who the best drummer is in Ogbatofia"

"Yes, Ogbunike, we know, but I have heard that Ikemefuna and his people, especially Mazi Edoh, they have been to our king, word is, this year, the stump of the Iroko tree is to be shared!
"Abomination! the stump of the Iroko tree has always belonged to my people! the ancient drummers of Ogbatofia! abomination! the king will not do it....he can not".

"That is for our King to decide, but sit my friend, let me send for more palm oil, this is new yam, just harvested yesterday by Carol, let us eat, the heat of the yam, calls now"
"Thank you Pappa Pius let us eat"

To be continued.


Isi said...

i hope sey de tori go continue tommorrow o, no put me for suspense. lol!!!
hope u are in top shape now?

Longsufferer said...


Atutupoyoyo said...

I am drawn to your writing....

Waffarian said...

@Isi, ah! dis Ogbunike story just enter my head like that oh! I can not guarantee when the madness will resurface!

@longsuffer, hello

@atutupoyoyo, I go take am as compliment jare! thanks.

Nneka's World said...

Waiting for the continuation...

Hope your cool

bumight said...

omigosh! I started to write a story like that but i didn't get past the first couple of lines. Nice one!


Haba, carol probably planted the yam, na she wey harvest am and na she wey cook am. I want to read about her eating the thing nah!

lol! This is great Waffy. Can't wait for part 2...