Thursday, October 25, 2007

Just read this on the guardian website, and I almost fell off my chair with laughter. Oh Lord! Please save us, this is too much. Abeg, read the whole tory here but na the part underneath na im sweet me pass! I am dying ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!

"The former governor may be facing trial over illegal acquisition of assets in a London court, his kinsmen back home in Oghara have vowed to defend the honour of the beleaguered former governor.

Rising from a meeting in Asaba yesterday, they condemned what they described as a calculated attempt to tarnish Ibori's eight years administration in the state, emphasising their "readiness to ensure that those glorious years are not in vain."

Present at the meeting were the Delta State Commissioner of Special Duties, Mr. Champion Kpateghe; the Iyasere of Oghara, Chief Champion Oboh-Uzzi; High Chief William Ibori and a host of others.

Kpateghe said that no matter the travail Ibori may be facing today, there is no denying the fact that he remains a great force to be reckoned with in Nigerian politics, alleging that the whole affair smacked of the machination of some people who are not comfortable with the rising profile of the erstwhile Delta


While urging all Deltans to be steadfast, the Commissioner advised people to shun divisive tendencies as what is most required at present is the unity of all the different ethnic groups that make up the state.

As a top official of the current administration of Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, he promised to always strive to maintain the legacies of his kinsman".

Honour? glorious? legacy? dem dey craise? for which state? Delta? e be like say winsh don catch all of them. They should go for deliverance before its too late!

Nb: imagine the kain people wey dey support am, their names na "Champion", abeg i go die today! "machination?" I never hear that kain thing before, anybody know wetin dat wan mean?


ibilola said...

ma sista, dem no well tru tru. Legacy ke? So dat is d kin legacy dey want 2 protect and uphold. Then we wonder why progress dey retard.

Come first, who r diz kinsmen sef bcos dem own machination get one kin leg like dat!


dem don tire me , dis pple. Don't know what 2 do again. Maybe when we stop confering cheiftancy title and undue relevance to dem then we go fit see road. ;<(

fluffycutething said...

I feel that the Niger Delta people are limited due to lack of exposure(or maybe even education),that's why they say crappy stuff like this.

Legacies indeed

Or maybe because he managed to tar most of the roads in Oghara they are feeling he has gone an extra mile in serving them, forgetting that it's his job to do so and it's their tax being spent on these stuff anyway!!!

fluffycutething said...

Meanwhile why you dey laugh the man name?

No be your people dey give pikin name like "Saviour",Good luck, Romeo, Fortune and the likes ehn?????


How're u doing?

Atutupoyoyo said...

Empty rhetoric, rubbish and utter stupidity. They just read off a script and don't even stop to think about the irony of their diatribe. I tire....

יש (Yosh) said...

"Glorious years...Delta State" Those two don't make a good sentence.

Shameless people!

Waffarian said...

@ibilola, don't mind them, useless fools!

@fluffycutething, I dey ojare! na wa for our people, i don tire for them. How we go see road?

@atutupoyoyo, honestly! I am sure the person self that wrote it must have laughed anyhow, hissss

@Yosh, remain small, i for think say na China we dey.