Monday, March 15, 2010

Enough is Enough...

The Nigerian government sucks. I wish I could write more on the matter but I have written so much over the years, that I really have nothing more to write except this: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

If you live in Abuja, make sure you join the March, tmrw, March 16th. If you can not, write something on your blog, like, GIVE US LIGHT! or, GIVE US SECURITY! or, GIVE US WATER!. You know, the usual basic amenities.

Or, you can just write, the Nigerian government sucks. Like I did.

Solomonsydelle will be writing about the March, here.


moi said...

After a debacle here in L.A when the Nigerian Embassy wanted bribes before completing passports, I almost disowned the country...It is so sad!


#enoughisenough shebi?

All of us are tired. Kai.

2cute4u said...

No e say you talk am, I tell you.. Been looking for you for a while.. Trying to follow your blog.. I can't seem to