Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You don't own me...

If I happen to be in a discussion with you, below are a couple of scenarios that might take place...

1. I might listen attentively and will be satisfied just listening to you without offering any opinion of my own.

2. I might decide to tell you what I think which might be in agreement or be in opposition. Or perhaps it might not be either. It might just be something different.

3. I might not listen to you and drift off into fantasy land, however I shall pretend that I am listening, so as to not hurt your feelings.

4. I might not give a fuck at all and will show that I am not interested and will not even bother hiding it.

But above all, my advice to anybody that is in a discussion with me, is to STAND for your opinions. If you think a certain way, then stand for it, no matter what it is. I hate when people try to hide their opinions in other round about ways. It's like giving you gold covered shit. You just scrape the surface a bit, and the shit is right there.

I always stand for what I think, and believe me, 90% of the time, I feel misunderstood. Is it fun to be misunderstood all the time? No. But I still stand for what I think in life. The only responsibiity I have are my own thoughts and opinions. I can not go in another human beings mind and rearrange stuff in there. That's their burden to carry, not mine.

Yes, I might be wrong, I might change my opinion the next minute, I might learn something new, but if at that particular moment, that is what I feel, then that is what I feel. Finito.

I am not going to apologise because I have strong ideas about certain issues in life. That is my own wahala and not anybody else's.

And if anybody is thinking that they can intimidate me into "thinking" a certain way, then you must be out of your God damn mind.

I am SUPER confident about what life is all about. I have my ideas that have been developed over YEARS...so you can imagine. It is in constant development. I "fine tune" it daily....imagine all the work I have put into it. Life for me, is my favourite "thinking topic". I have been "thinking" about it from the moment I knew how to think. Thats really all I do in life. I think about life.

So you see, its impossibe to make me feel bad about the one topic that I have full control over. My thinking process.

All I can suggest, if you do not agree with me, and feel bad about anything I say, is to do like I do.

Do not give a fuck.

C'est la vie.


BBB said...

having strong opinions and standing by them can be a virtue but it can also be stupidity especially if it turns out that ur wrong, the key is to be open to corrections and other peoples views also, u might even end up making them a believer of your opinion

Harry-Rami Itie said...

OK...thanks for the info..will keep it in mind...

SHE said...

...then there are the people who wait to find out your opinion, and then promptly agree!

Those are no fun to talk to. You would only be having a conversation with yourself.

misspumping said...

ok u we get it you dont give a fuck

Kiibaati said...

I ehh agree. Definitely. Maybe. Hmmn.