Friday, March 5, 2010

Things I just have to do today..

Okay, time is 10:20...lets see if I can get all this done by 21:00 tonight...I shall be back in the night to report progress.

1. Wax eyebrows.

2. Do hair.

3. Buy blouse.

4. Paint nails.

I think thats all. I have a wedding tmrw and I look like hell... Okay, wish me luck!by the way, i do not have appointments, lets see if "drop in" really works...hahahahaha if not, I shall be sleeping with rollers on my hair tonight!

Update: Okay, the time is 7:23 and I am finally home. You can not imagine what a day I have had. You just can't. First of all, I get into the bus. Its one of those racist bus drivers that are just mad at everybody. You know the type. Always frowning. Breaks a bit too hard so that people fall here and there. Checks extra hard at your ticket. Drives off when he sees people are running to catch the bus, etc. That type.

Anyway, so I get in, and first, there is only one lady with her baby and pram(I have to say, I hate seeing prams on the buses cos there is always one drama or the other amongst the mothers or with mama and driver). There is space for three prams on the buses, but you know the prams they make these days...fucking caterpillars.

Anyway, two other mums and babies get onboard. The prams do not fit, one is actually blocking the middle of the aisle, which is not allowed. The driver starts his wahala. None of these women or their husbands speak the language. The driver just keeps announcing stuff and nobody even moves an inch. Trust me, by the third announcement, I was up, shoving, pushing, moving the fucking things. The parents were as passive as...dumb asses. No knowledge of how to make those things shrink...

I got to eye brow lady at 12. Eye brow lady says come back at, this is the kind of shopping center where they have nothing. And its one of those places that is so far out, that it will be impossible for me to leave, go buy my blouse and get back. It would take me about and hour to get into town and an hour to get back. I would never be able to even get off the train. So, I wasted two precious hours doing nothing. I had lunch and read a newspaper.

Then I went to the ghetto to fix my hair. Its only in the ghetto you never have to book any time, cos even if you did, nobody would really honor such a committment. I got my hair fixed and by 5 I was out of there.

Bought my blouse in the city just before 6.

Decided to get some new buttons for the trousers I was gonna wear...and thats a whole other story, to be continued tomorrow...

Hope you all had a good weekend.



moi said...

Funny, I got my brows waxed yesterday. I also needed to wax my newly-acquired moustache (turning 40 does that to ya!)....I was beginning to resemble my hubby. Well, good-luck with the errands...we'll see how much u get done.

SHE said...

Only nunber 2 can take so much time. I think.

Countdown to 21:00...

moi said...

Not sure if you meant this to be funny but I so laughed. Also, my Baptist-church-raised-brain makes me gasp a little when I read the cuss words (I say them vicariously through your lips and think I'm getting used to it). I'm so upset about the way extended families interfere with marriages at the moment that all I can say to your soon-to-be married friend is "Good-luck!"