Monday, April 18, 2011

1:07 and many thoughts...

I wish I could go out now and take a walk. In any other city, I would have. But not in this city.

When I lived in another city, I used to take night walks. Sometimes with friends and sometimes alone. There were always people outside.

I would just wear my shoes and say to my house mates, "I am going for a walk". Or I'd call my friends who lived in the adjacent street and ask if anybody wanted to go for a walk. There was always somebody.

We would walk through the streets, smoking ciggerates. Sometimes we would sit by a park and just watch people. Mostly drunkards.

Once, I sat down with my friend and she just started puking. In the waste basket beside the bench.

"What is wrong?" I asked

"I don't love him anymore" she said

"Shit. You are so fucked" I said

We never talked about it because for many years afterwards she was still with him.

I wish I could take a walk...

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The Corner Shop said...

Nah, i don't like walks. Not for me oh. Too bad about your friend. She's settling and probably missing some opportunities that could have been better.