Monday, April 18, 2011

And this is me trying real hard...

So when the sun is out and its really good weather, normally the reason I go out is so I don't feel like I have not done something with the sun...that's how sick I am. I don't go out cos I want to, but to give myself some reassurance that the sun was not wasted.

So now, I have taken to timing myself. As far as I am in the sun, walking or sitting or reading, for 45 minutes, I feel like I have done my bit. And gladly, Persian guy is on the same wave length...

Him: Hello?
Me: What's up?

Him: What's are you up to?
Me: At home, chilling.

Him: Where you out in the sun today?
Me: Yeah...

Him: For how long?
Me: Like one hour...

Him: Well that's quite enough.
Me: yeah...

Him: I just finished from work, I am also going out into the sun
Me: For how long?

Him: Maybe 30 minutes or that enough?
Me: Yeah...but maybe you can push it to 45 though...

Him: Hmmmm, to you later.
Me: Okay. Ciao.

The best thing about life is talking to people that totally get you. Its so effortless.

The sun is still out but I am going to cook instead and then I have to look for a book I bought ages ago so tmrw I can have something to read for this whole sun business.


Okeoghene said...

I think the Persian Guy is good for you

The Corner Shop said...

LOl at this conversation! Honestly, it's important to have friends that get you

We over here are even tired of the sun. Wish i could stay in all day to get out of it


Myne Whitman said...

Enjoy your sun, there's none over here. :) at the convo..

Anonymous said...

Sun worshipper, admit it the only reason u feel the need to be in the sun is to charge up those melanin pigment genes.