Friday, April 29, 2011

Note the trees have time to blossom, change their leaves

It would be wrong of me to keep holding unto who I used to be...

I can hide all I want but the seasons have changed.

I need to shed my cocoon but its scary...

Cos even though the cocoon was suffocating, at least, it was safe.

But as Bob Marley says, even the trees have time to blossom, change their leaves.

I used my time well. And I guess its time to change my leaves.

Whether I like it or not, its time to get back into the groove of life.

I have to go with the flow...and be this new healthy minded person...

Thats what I have to do. After all, I did the hardwork, I might as well begin to enjoy life...

Life is mine.


Deep Soul said...

Oh wow, really nice. I can relate with this so well, I couldn't have said it any better!

Except in my case, I'm about to do the exact opposite - enter my cocoon!

I'm happy for you though. Live life, be happy . . .there are no better options!

The Corner Shop said...

Me too, i think it's time for me to blossom, but my cocoon, no matter how unsatisfactory, is still safe. I know i need to do this (in fact, starting next week) but it's so scary!!