Thursday, April 7, 2011

The return of the Persian...

In case nobody remembers the Persian, here is his story.

I was not quite kind to him, I have to admit. After meeting him twice or so, I just stopped taking his calls. Not because I did not like him or that I did not have fun with him, but simply because of my own uselessness. It was during the time when I was not in the mood to meet anyone, and especially not men. I just wanted to be left alone. Also, my work then made it impossible for me to meet people. I was always tired and any free time I had, I spent sleeping. But it was mostly because I was not in a good state of mind. Anyway, after a while, he stopped calling. I met him once again on a bus and funny enough, he was not mad at me at all. He was really happy to see me and understood that I was just not feeling good. So he said I should call when I feel up to it and I promised him I would.

So yesterday, a year after I actually met him, I decided to call him. I remembered him cos recently, I met another guy from Persia and I was like, "shit! I forgot all about my friend". So anyway, I called him.

Again, I was surprised about his carefree attitude towards everything. He was just happy I was in contact again. No questions, nothing. Not even wondering "why" I had called. We just picked up like I had seen him yesterday. I, however, apologised for my behaviour. He was not even bothered. He was like, "thats how life is sometimes" etc.

Which then reminded me of how unforgiving I was recently to another friend of mine who did not return my calls or texts. I was so mad at him. In fact, I sent him a text saying I would never send another text to him in my life.

But the truth is, I do the same sometimes. I don't mean to, and especially not to people who I know genuinely like me, but it just happens. Its not a good enough explanation and perhaps thats why I get so mad at my friend.

Anyway, so we had a great time drinking and laughing. He has had a few adventures since the last time I saw him which was of course hilarious.

He is quite a kind person with genuine empathy and really, he could become a good friend because we are both spontanoeus, a bit unpredictable and totally rootless.

We are like drifting woods at sea. We just show up at places.


Patrice said...

Sounds like a good friendship in the making.

This is the guy whose story you were supposed to write for him. Did you and were you on the mark with it?

Adaeze said...

I love these kind of coincidental beautiful great he was so forgiving and understanding. It's nice when people can have trust and understanding just like that without any hassle.

2cute4u said...

I feel so bad no that I have read your post.
I have this friend who lost her dad, I havent really reached out to her cause of my own problems and she keeps checking u on me.. I have not returned her calls or replied her mails..
I feel so bad right now...
How are you? Good to know you're okay.. TAKE CARE.

The Corner Shop said...

He sounds like a good person oh. You know, that's how you know easy friendships- even if you've not seen for so long you pick up where you left off