Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Life matters, logic, hate, "anonymous", etc

The wise discuss ideas,
The fools discuss how people behave.

Paulo Coelho

If there is anything I absolutely DESPISE is people trying to involve me in shit that does not have anything to do with my world. Those that have been coming to this blog for years already know me and the kind of life I live. Its very simple. I live mine and you live yours. What people do in their own lives, I have absolutely no need to know neither am I bothered by it. Everybody has their own path to live and thats what I believe.

One of the main issues I had when living in Nigeria is the extremely low level attitude towards life that many people have. No offense to anyone but thats how I see it. I absolutely despise this whole conniving, hate and malicious shit people say about each other. People would just come up to you and start talking shit about people you dont know and even if you did know them, is not your business ( I once was on a journey with three ladies who had a couple of mags with them. I swear for the whole journey, all they did was turn the pages of the mags, abuse all the women in it, from head to toe. You can not imagine how many hours of hate I had to sit through. That was perhaps by far, one of the worst days of my life. I was so sad that women had nothing else to do with their brains than just insult one woman after another. At the end of the journey, I asked them if they actually knew any of the women in the mags they had. Of course they did not! To devote so much time and energy on people you don't know, defies logic, at least, in my world. I just don't get it).

My brain is very precious to me, I use it for only productive matters. I seriously do not have any brain capacity for such extremely shallow issues. And even if I had a bit of space for it, then it will be something to do with my own life and not others, be they family or friends.

It is something that I have never understood and still can not understand that kind of level of shallowness, In my own universe, it does not exist. It is just beyond my scope of understanding.

For the past couple of days, somebody has been leaving very nasty messages on my blog. Now, if these messages were meant for me, perhaps they would make some sort of sense. But they are for someone else.

I do not know why this person is leaving comments here when they can contact whoever they wish to directly. There is email, facebook, twitter, if you google the person's name, you will also find a blog.

So why come on here to stalk another human being? It makes no sense.

Also, why can't the person just deal with his/her issue properly? If you have an issue with someone, the proper and sensible thing to do is to confront the person directly and discuss what your matter is.

All this going around stalking, leaving comments here and there, on some sort of "hate rampage", is just the coward's way out.

Be brave, say who you are and confront the person. Cowardice will get you no where in life. If you really feel so strongly about somebody that you can devote time and energy to the person, then you might as well do it properly. What's the point otherwise?

But like I said in the begining, Naija life for me, defies logic. People would rather spend hours, days, years, gossiping and spreading hate than directly dealing with their problems. If only people would use that energy for themselves, they would achieve much more than they actually do. Imagine having so much energy but a postive one and using it on yourself? One could get so much done in life...

Maybe people just enjoy that sort of thing. I don't know. In my opinion, such hate and anger(and more often than not, motivated by envy)is destructive and very unhealthy for the soul. Nobody should bear such hate within them. It is a burden that nobody needs.

Anyway, thats it for today.

Easter is over. Back to life.



Tee said...

I totally feel this and see where you're coming from...yay for comment moderation too

Been on here for years

Keep doing what you do and living your life jare....x

uche duke said...

Dat is d problem of nigerian girls and its really annoying,

Patrice said...

That was an especially big problem on blogs only a few years ago. One "wrong" word and the bashers would hijack the blog.

The Corner Shop said...

Maybe you should moderate your comments so people don't write off point here. Honestly, the way some girls (and guys sometimes) gossip and get all negative is amazing. I've broken up friendly relationships cause of this- no turning back.


Patricia A said...

I'm thinking that those people have too much time on their hands and not enough light in their heart ... thanks ... Pattie

SHE said...

I think thats why people grow up into bitter, disgruntled horrid old men and women. Carrying so much hate and negativity around in their heads.

Myne Whitman said...

I had to take a deep breath as I read. I had to lock out anonymous commenters on my blog cos of similar issues, but hounding others on a neutral blog? Some people sha.