Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Argentinian...

Please don't ask. Its just the way it is. As my friend says, I only attract dislocated souls. That's just how it is.

I met up with a friend of mine at a bar. She was with some people. Amongst them was an argetinian guy who was very nice but totally fucked up. Apparently, he just broke up with his girl of many years and he was still trying not to kill himself.

Of course I listened to his woes in life. That's my job when I go to bars. To listen to human bings and their stories.

Anyway, so he was very nice but at the end of the night, totally drunk. We found out we had a lot in common. Not only through experiences but also, he actually lived on the same street as me! The friend he was with made me promise to deliver him safely home, so I promised.

It was a weird journey. From being this extremely social and nice person, the moment his friend left, he practically withdrew into himself. He just put on his ear phones and was gone. In one way, it was much better than him puking or making an ass of himself on the train, so I did not really mind, whatever.

Anyway, I get him to our street and there, we see a whole bunch of people heading to some party. He starts saying we should go there and I tried to convince him to just go home. He looked like he was just spoiling for a fight cos back at the bar, he almost got into one with some guys outside but then, his friend had been there to pull him out. I told him there was no use going to a party if he just wanted to be sour there, and then I gave him a lecture on his foul attitude. He however, still insisted on crashing this party.

He was being totally impossible so I considered my job done. I could not convince him to go home so I just gave him my number(in case he got into trouble) and sent him along with the crowd.

Anyway, from being this very nice man, he became just a total pain. It was weird and irritating.

His whole vibe just changed. I hope he is okay and did not get into any fights. He seemed to be so nice...maybe he is just seriously fucked up.

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The Corner Shop said...

The guy is not dealing at all! You're probably meeting him at a bad point in his life. But he should sha move on nau? :s