Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Millie Jackson - I'm Through Proving My Love To You


naijalines said...

Real soul ehn? It reminds me of my mum. She used to have some Millie Jackson tapes/records. I doubt if she's still got them now. There was one track on one of the records...I think it was titled 'Anyone who don't love Millie Jackson' or something like that...with lyrics:

'Anyone who don't love Millie Jackson can go to hell' *Paraphrasing*

My mum who's tone deaf would sing this repeatedly just to p*** us off. We all laughed cos it was just too funny.

musco said...

there's more to this post.when are u letting us in?

thanks so much 4 stopping by my blog.

badderchic said...

talk true, is there more to this post?

Waffarian said...

@naijalines: real soul, been enjoying millie for some days now, I love her voice.

@musco, badderchic: Hahahaahh unfortunately, no interesting drama. I've just been in the mood for some soul music.