Saturday, September 20, 2008

You see how determined I am to speak french?

Yep, na by force! I must sing this song...I am halfway already...lets see how it goes by next week..


badderchic said...

okay, you and I both are practicing the song. lol

Naapali said...

I watched this video, I suppose live comment but sleep catch me.

PS shey u know that Nneka is a waffarian too?

Waffarian said...

@badderchic: hehehe this na my own french exam, conversation level.

@naapali: I did not know that! or I think someone must have mentioned it when I did not know her music. So she is? I am telling you, waffarians are just killing it these days! We too much oh, damn..una no dey jealous us self? e reach to jealous oh.

Red Eyes said...

very I dey try small small

Sandrine said...

Bonjour Waffy,

Si tu veux apprendre le francais, je peux t'aider.
A bientot.


Patrice said...

I am dizzy from watching the second half of the video. You might need a spit bucket to get through it.

It might be easier to learn the following:

Je ne parle pas fran├žais


Waffarian in Paris
(Translated from the French]

Shopkeeper: Hello, how may I help you?

Waffarian: At the first beat of the waltz, I'm alone but I catch sight of you.

Shopkeeper: Excuse me?

Waffarian: A three time waltz which still offers time.

Shopkeeper: A what? Did you say a waltz?

Waffarian: A waltz at twenty time, a waltz at a hundred time.

Waffarian: A thousand time waltz!

Shopkeeper: Jacques, call security!

Waffarian (to herself): A thousand time waltz is the only one to offer lovers 333 times the time to build a novel . . .