Saturday, September 27, 2008


There are many things I can't stand in life and one of my many irritations would just have to be people that can not stand for their opinions or principles in life. People that are easily swayed by other people. Now I agree that one has the right to change one's mind. We should be able to use information and knowledge and mold it into our own lives as it fits us. Yes, one should be able to change an opinion if one thinks he/she now knows better. Those are not the kind of people I am talking about.

I am talking about those people that sway wherever the wind blows. Today when you meet them, they think one thing, tomorrow they are now thinking another, next tomorrow, its a whole different ball game. You wonder whats going on...then you realise he was with John on Monday and then with Christina on Tuesday and tomorrow he will be with Olu. First of all, if you have been brought up in Nigeria and you still behave like that, then I really pity you. It is a known fact that we talk with confidence on any subject as if we are experts. As if we have two PhDs and have done considerable research on the subject at hand. People are always telling you EXACTLY what you should be doing. They will sit down and with grave solemnity and authority tell you in great detail, what you should be doing with your life, clothes, friends, food...anything and everything. Now, if you are smart and enquire further about their unshakable convictions about a certain subject, do not be amazed to hear "because my sister's husband's cousin said that something like this happened to his neighbour and this is what the neighbour did". Also, in case you have all not noticed, we are all about the "hype". We can "hype" our way in, over, on top, across any situation. We love the "hype", the feeling that we are "in the know" when the truth of the matter is if you scrape just a little bit at the gold surface, all you will have is shit.

Now, if you are a teenager it is still permissible..that's why it is called "Peer pressure". As an adult, it is called STUPIDITY. There is no reason why anybody should still be listening to others when you have the brain and ability to make your own decisions. Do you really believe that these people are more intelligent than you? Sometimes people really have to step back and analyse the kind of people that are talking...if they knew so much, why are their own lives not top notch? Why are they not the ones enjoying the kind of life they think you should? Why are they not doing EXACTLY what they THINK you should do?

The most unattractive human being is one that has no opinion of his/her own. Sometimes, people really have to think, "who am I"? If you still do not know who you are as an adult, whatever you do, please do not live in Nigeria, because you will become a thousand and one things and none of them will be you.

And to such people, I ask, "dem give you *ogbolokokomioko chop?"

*Ogbolokokomioko is a type of love potion used to cast spells on men. It is rumoured that if such a potion is used on a man, he loses all his senses and does exactly as the women desires.


naijalines said...

Who has angered you so? I hope all is well.

At least now I know what ogbolokokomioko means, abi.
'Take care of you sista and stay blessed.

Waffarian said...

@naijalines: na all sorts of people wey go dey cry cos they can not "live up" to expectations...haba! You are an adult, get a grip.

Naapali said...

I know why I always come back here. It is never ordinary and I always leave with something.

For that I am grateful. How does Ogbolokokomioko smell so I can recognize and avoid it?

maitumbi said...

I beg, where can i buy this stuff? I need to jazz some people up. Ogbolokokomioko? From which part of the country is that?

Anonymous said... almost cracked ma teeth pronouncing that..u say they shouldnt come to nigeria? If you ask me, Nigeria is rife with this sort of people all the time

Red Eyes said...

Your ogbolokokomioko sounds like a misplaced some people who love having fun with lots of different people. Different men/women for different parts of their personality. One for your creative side. One for your intellectual side. One for your 'sluttish' side. One for teenybopper side. And one for your need to conform side, if any. It's interesting, is it not?

Obolokokomioko! Now where did you get that word from? And growing up in Naija, I think say 'okokOmaiko' (near ojo/badagry) na funny word. Now this is too funny.

Me, I like this post jare