Friday, September 5, 2008

On the question of believing in yourself or having faith....take your pick.

Voice on phone: Hey waffy, guess what? Paul earned 1,500 dollars in one night!

Waffy: Wow! Thats really good. Good for him.

Voice on phone: and his girfriend is going back to school now...she is gonna do some economics stuff...two years...She's gonna increase her salary once that's done.

Waffy: Cool!

Voice on phone: Everybody know...simple stuff...yours is so complicated.

Waffy: Are you comparing me with Paul's girlfriend?

Voice on phone: I am just saying...your things are always so complicated...unlike others...

Waffy: Honestly, I am not interested in the paths other people choose, I have chosen mine and that's what I am doing...and you shouldn't be jealous either... of other people, by the way.

Voice on phone: Well, its all about money, you know.

Waffy: Don't worry about my life okay? I am okay, I am fine. Find other things to be active in. Stop worrying about me. I'll talk to you later, bye.

Two minutes later, another phone call

Voice on phone: Is that waffy?

Waffy: Yes.

Voice on phone: Yeah, its me, you got the job.

Waffy: Yayyyyyyyyyyy!

And so you see people, fuck em mutherfuckers.


Naapali said...

I agree with you jare
- fuck em mora fuckers
- but if u fuck em what does that make you? *scratches head*

naijalines said...

'Can't help observing that a lot of living is wasted on jealousy which in turn leads to bad vision and bad choices. I'm pleased to say that like you, I look from the outside in. The inside being that part of society that is preoccupied with 'wasted living'.

Though it isn't always easy to be an 'outsider'. It needs an adjustment of you hinted. Having faith in one's self is so important. No one can do it for us. Again your post highlights that so well.

May we always be content with our paths cos we chose them. Je suis content. You are too:-)

Naapali said...

interesting song, she has a nice husk to her voice

BTW I guess congratulations are in order. Where do we report for the washing?

Rita said...

It is good to believe in urself and have faith... I liked your responses

musco said...

learnt a great lesson 4rm this post!

looks like am 1st?

Anonymous said...

lol- you GO girl.