Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Overhead conversations...

On the train, two women

Blonde one: So, when I went down, I met them at the entrance of the gym and then I said: "Yes! I have been unfaithful!"...you should have seen their faces...it was so funny!

Short haired one: (laughing): Thats too funny!

Blonde one: Ofcourse the next day, she came up to me and said "I did not mean it that way" and I said "Of course you didn't, but Its true, isnt it? I have been unfaithful". I mean, thats the truth.

On bus, two teenage boys

The one with shorts: I am not going to fast. I think its so false.

The other one:Does your brother fast?

The one with shorts: Yes, but I think its bullshit, cos afterwards he still goes and sees his girlfriend and all that. Its just bullshit. I am not going to fast. Everybody is so false.

On the bus, a woman and a man

Woman: I just can't do this anymore, I just can't, I have to go to work, take care of him, everything. I am too tired. I can't do it anymore.

Man: Yes, but yesterday I picked him up.

Woman: You think that helps for anything? I do this everyday. Go to work, then I have to rush to pick him up, then all the rest things...I can not do this by myself anymore. You have to help me. I am overwhelmed.

On the bus, two teenage girls

Blonde girl: So, like my hair is just this way, people ask me if I have a perm, but I don't, it just looks like I have. Like if you look here...its really straight. But I have done nothing to it.

Other girl: Mine too, it used to be really curly when I was young, but now..I think its thinning out.

Blonde girl: Mine too, it used to be so much fuller.


UndaCovaSista said...

(or maybe not...darn comment moderation)
I love eavesdropping when in public places. Was this all on the same bus?

ShonaVixen said...

yay to eavesdropping...some things u hear are way too hilarious and some u wish u could help them.

Rita said...

I think this is a warning for me, "Be careful what you say in public...The walls have ears..."

Red Eyes of Fire said...

Another overheard conversation.