Wednesday, September 17, 2008

To Saint Patrick

When I was a teenager, a great part of my teenage years was spent in the house of this author, planning and plotting with his sister who was about the same age as I was. A forest separated their house from the estate which I lived in(there is now a road there, thank God!)and yes, we were brave enough to walk through it when we could not afford "okada"...which was quite often.

To me, Eghosa was a "bigger boy", as all boys that went to the University of Benin were seen as those days in Warri. We watched with fascination as Eghosa and his Uniben guys cruised in and out of Warri. I and his sister enjoyed hanging around when his friends were in the house. Of course, Eghosa never allowed us to hang around for too long...we were just "small" girls...who wanted secondary school girls giggling like idiots around them? Cos that's all we did...giggle and whisper and try and get noticed. Nobody ever did notice us...but Eghosa was kind enough to give us rides from time to time...and I always got invited for his parties...although most times I and his sister were just needed there to serve and for other unworthy errands! However, it was always exciting to be around the "bigger" boys and babes of Warri.

I was therefore very excited to see this book. For not only did it remind me of those years with his sister but also, I am so happy to see a fellow waffarian(and one that grew up in the same neighborhood too!)published! It is such a joy and I am so very proud of him.

So you all know what's up, make una grab una copy fast fast and promote my brother abeg!

Up Warri, we dey sha! Haba! I throway salute!

Update: You can get the book here


Anonymous said...

aww good for him!
so have you actually read said book? cuz if i hustle to get a copy in nu metro or some such bookstore and i spend my hard earned allowee reading to to no avail i go vex oh!

Waffarian said...

Haba geisha! trust me will be worth the read..

waffi no dey carry last..

Sting said...

See my "brother" doing big things. What's the book about?

Naapali said...

Up Warry, Up Waffy!

ShonaVixen said... about u give us a book review?and can we get it in London??or u can send me ur copy once ur done...wiv an autograph since you know the author?LOL...

Anonymous said...

lol... ok oh! if u say so.
but dont say i didnt warn you sha if you wake up bald the morning after i read it :P

Red Eyes said...

u 2 much. Una dey follow who know road. Una no wan look like mugu.

samer questions as shonavixen, where we go get am

I bet you cant speak the slang as good as me. I love warri babes

Waffarian said...

@sting, shona, geisha: okay, due to popular demand, a review will be forthcoming and links with how you can get the book.

For Lagosians, since it is published by Farafina, I am told Nu metro will have it..and bookworm.

@red eyes: I really hope that was not a challenge cos nobody fit scatter pidgin reach my side...those wey get ear, make dem hear. I don talk my own finish.

badderchic said...

awww thats so nice, dont worry, Ill photocopy Geisha's copy. lol!

For the love of me said...

Hey, waffy, dont take all the credit nah, I know the writer too. Attended chimamanda's writersworkshop with him last year.
I haven't read the book but going by his short stories that were discussed at the workshop, then the book is a must read. As we say in Nollywood,GRAB YA COPY NOW!

Jaycee said...

I throway salute o. As a fellow Waffi babe (who lived in lagos)

Eyahhh...this is an inspiring story, really.

Babawilly said...

Nice post. Will buy as soon i get the chance. Murthar Bakare told me available at Farafina office but havent got anyone to go there yet. We must support our 'brother's' book. This is just the start. There is more to the Delta than crude oil and palm oil

Bighead said...

@ geisha
Make una no worry. The book 'tory sweet die.
I should know, I wrote it.
@ shonavixen
Sure, you'll get an autograph copy.... buy first.
The thing go soon dey Amazon and the publisher's website.
At Waffarian
I remember you well-well... thanx for this shout-out on ur blog.