Monday, October 25, 2010

Better things...

A good friend came to visit. It was sweet of him to visit at this particular time. His visit did a lot to uplift my drowning soul. I was spoilt rotten. Chocolates, dinners, wine, etc. I told him I was an "agbero" but he insisted on spoiling me, which was very nice. I am grateful that he came at this particular has been a hard time for me.

Been hanging out with my friend Tina and her family. I have been crashing out at weekends there on their sofa. They also spoil me. I eat there all the time and drink beer. I am thankful that they are in my life.

My friend D sends me mails and songs that keep me inspired to keep on going.For that, I am always grateful.

Everything always comes to me when they should, even at the darkest of hours.


Whatever. Lets keep going, got to find better things...


Akin said...


I wish I had a friend like that and if only I could be as good a friend as you are to me.

I had a nice weekend too, we should have spent it together ;)


Longsufferer said...

Waffy, drunk...okay I am just a bit tipsy...miss u and love u loads...wish I cld get a job that brings me to sweden all the we could hang...and I cld knw ur city. God will do what is best for u and me!!! Miss you...and remember is darkest before dawn....dawn is fast approaching!

Myne Whitman said...

Hugs, I wish you the very best dear.

And Amen to Longsuffer's prayer.

CodLiverOil said...

Now you know you have true and worthy friends. Nice to read examples of where people go beyond the extra mile to provide comfort and solace.

God bless you my sister (an expression, I'm not particularly religious either).

SHE said...

We thank God for the provision of good friends when we need them.

You are loved. No?

2cute4u said...

I'm so glad you did have fun dear!
You see? You have some people who love to bits for the wonderful person that you are..
Hope you good? Take care love..
Have a fun week