Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Due to popular demand........

Due to popular demand(okay......ehn....just one person), I have decided to update you all on what has been happening in my life.Its not as if I did not want to, but ehhhhhhlaziness is a disease. Anyway, this week started quite okay, things were moving rather uneventfully when one day I noticed a stack of books hidden away....on the bottom shelf of my bookshelf(or whatever it is called). Ehhhhhhhhhhhn, what the hell? didn't I return these? Last date for returning them was 22nd of december!!!!Okay, no need to panic, I'll just take them there and return them. So off I went to the library, got there, went to the computer stuff and tried to return them, well, all the stupid computer said was "item not found", shit! I'll have to talk to the staff! shit! I hate talking to them, i'd rather just do everything by computer........well, anyway, I stand in line for my turn and this is what happened

Waffarian: Ehhn, I tried to return these but says "item not found"
Unsympathetic woman:Okay........let me see......(she does some stuff on the comp)..well, these books are labelled as "lost".
Waffarian: Ehnnnnn, they are not, they are just late
Unsympathetic woman: Well, they must be really late
Waffarian:I want to return them, could you do that here?
Unsympathetic woman: Yes, I'll do that but......its going to cost a lot cos they are late, and thats quite a lot of books you have there! how much is it?
Unsympathetic woman: That will be(I converted the sum to pounds)400pounds.
I start to laugh hysterically hahahahahhahahahhahahahahahah
Waffarian: Sorry, what did you say?
Unsympathetic woman:400pounds
Unsympathetic woman:what do you mean why?
Waffarian: well,that just seems to be that the fine cos they are late?
Unsympathetic woman: Well, as I said, they are "lost", so its the amount all the books cost altogether
Waffarian: Yeah.........the thing is they are not lost, I just RETURNED them, so forget about how much they all cost "if they were lost", tell me the fine for being late.
Unsympathetic woman: .......well, that should be 100 pounds.....
Waffarian: For what?
Unsympathetic woman: Well, administrative cost for sending the bill and so on
Waffarian: Ehhhhhn, is there anything you can do or should I be talking to somebody else?
Well, I got to see the head of bla and bla , i told her this fantastic story about me being in "Africa" and how my friend who was suppossed to be trustworthy fucked up with the books and how I will never be able to pay that amount in my entire life. She was so kind and sweet, needless to say, I am not going to pay a penny for my stupidity!


Vera Ezimora said...


400 pounds ke? Na rent you dey pay? So she wanted you to pay the amound even after returning the books? That's hella funny

Waffarian said...

I think she was just being bitchy cos she saw I wasn't bothered at all!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I like the way you asked her "for what?" when she told you the price....don't you just hate those pissy librarians?

kramer said...

Hahahaha, I can just imagine the expression on your face when you heard 400 pounds! Welldone for not giving in and talking your way out in the end.

Chameleon said...

lol... that woman is a joker? so she even allowed her mouth to say '400 pounds'? she should have been slapped.

confusednaijagirl said...

waffy girl is back!!! LMAO!!! A fantastic African story ... You dont kknow how many times I have used that excuse.

Waffarian said...

@rj,oh girl, inside fear catch me small, but as waffy, one has to put up a front!hahahahahah!
@kramer,I am telling you! when she said that amount, i already imagined the whole story with tears at the end self!
@chameleon, heheheheheh, don't mind her!
@confusedgirl,hahahahahone never says"Nigeria" you have to say "Africa cos then they think "wild bush", no communication, etc, always works!

Waffarian said...

I meant "one never says..." before una think say because I be waffy, i no sabi english!

LondonBuki said...

LOL!!! £400!!! I woulda done the same thing, I woulda started laughing cos I know I won't pay!


Calabar Gal said...

£400 ke?!?!!? Thank God you palyed the Afrcan card ans sweet talked her into paying absolutely nothing!!!

laspapi said...

Unsympathetic woman: .......well, that should be 100 pounds.....
Waffarian: For what?

You're so Nigerian...That was a very funny post