Thursday, February 1, 2007


For those of you that don't know what aproko means, it is "amebo" "tatafo" or "bizzy-body", we all have that one friend, that friend that is constantly in our buisness, that one girlfriend that seems to know everything, offers their advice about everything and everybody. Yes! You know them, they call us only when they have the "latest gist" or "gossip", they seem to thrive on your misfortunes, always there to lend a helping hand on your way down. Forget about being positive, they will help you see the "misery" of the situation in its full glory and tell you where you went wrong! You see, my dear human beings, I have this one friend that turns up now and then, lets say three times a year. At these times, our friendship is intense, she calls me at all times of the day to gossip and rant about somebody who has either left their boyfriend or husband, is about to, forget about other life situations, that does not matter, what? job?, career? school? that does not matter, she doesn't care about those areas! the one area that is interesting is the "love life"! Yes, my dear people, Nigerian movies have taught us that a husband is the answer to all our problems, a husband! Ah, you think i am lying? Watch those movies again, how many times have husbands left wives or fiancees, tempted by the devil? and what does the poor woman do? get a job? No! be independent? hell no! Well, my dear people, she goes to church ofcourse! and somehow, by the end of the movie, through prayers and "perseverance", the husband comes back to her! hahaha! and what happens to the other woman? she is driven out with nothing! hahaha oh, i forgot, "To God be the glory!" So, i doubt if my friend has learnt this disgusting behaviour from the movies, but one thing is for sure, she is obsessed with peoples' relationships! At this very moment, as another friend's life is unravelling, amebo is there, right beside her, caring, listening, encouraging! hahahahah, i guess for the next two weeks, i'll have to pretend to be away, some faroff destination where there is no internet or phone connections!


kramer said...

A good word for ppl like that - Rug rats!

Waffarian said...

hahahahahahaha! too funny!

Calabar Gal said...

he he he. How true!!